View Full Version : [General] How to Redeem watchface Giveaway of Vektor Labs

04-02-2017, 03:15
Hello to all
This is my first post in here. I need your help to redeem this watch face given by sammobile. Original post link is below.


After following whole procedure, i received a email with a redeem code for watch face. But I didn't find any place to use this code. On the galaxy app store this watch face is paid. when i try to download it gave me two options to pay by, one Paypal n other is using Credit card. I don't know where to use this redeem code as there is no place for that. What if i opt any option n i get charge or i should proceed.
if i am making any mistake kindly guide me.
Thanks to all in advance

04-02-2017, 08:29
Can you contact Adnan here?
Name: Adnan Farooqui
Title: Executive Editor
Mail (news tips): [email protected]