View Full Version : [General] Voice Input problem with Gear S2 Classic, Please Help!

07-10-2016, 03:51
Hi. I've recently purchased Gear S2 Classic, updated to the latest firmware and smartphone apps/plugin/service.

I am facing a strange problem with voice recognition. S-Voice App on the watch works 100% perfectly, and can easily recognize and transcript my voice. However, in all other apps, when I try to use voice input (like when I reply to a message), nothing happens! as if I am not even talking. The problem also happens in Voice Memo app on the watch, where I can record my voice but the option to convert my voice to text doesn't work. I checked the audio recording quality on my smartphone and it was fine and clear. The watch's microphone is working alright, but for some reason anything except S Voice App cannot use voice-to-text input.

To recap: The problem is NOT S-Voice. it's voice input (which may rely on S-Voice, I know). But S-Voice app itself on the watch is working just fine all the time. My issue is limited to using voice input (voice-to-text) in other apps.

As for the internet connection. I tried both 4G and WiFi (24Mbps broadband), through Bluetooth and also directly connected the watch to home WiFi.

Any idea? Please Help!

My devices info:
Gear S2 Classic: firmware DPFB / Language: English UK
Samsung Gear v2.2.16070451
Gear Plugin v2.2.03.16082251
Samsung Accessory Service v3.0.24_160630
SASystemProviders v2.3.99