View Full Version : [General] Quick apps on gear s2 moved

26-05-2016, 16:18
I was turning the bezel of my gear s2 and noticed that my weather app was missing. It used to be after my watch face and before my calendar. How do I put in back in the oder I had it?

I am not referring to the app layout on my gear app on my phone.

28-05-2016, 13:41
You talking about the widgets.
Go to one of the widgets - means go away from watchface.
Do a long tap on the screen - Widget Settings will open.
You see all widgets with a small minus for deletion.
Go to the right until you see the empty widget with a plus.
Tap on the empty widget.
Choose the Weather widget from all available widgets.
Now the widget will be added on the right side of all of your widgets.
Then do a long tap on this widget in thise setting mode and then drag the widget to the left.
Otherwise you can just clear/delete all widgets and add it again in the order you want.