View Full Version : [Firmware] Converting latest Korean firmware to UK?

12-12-2015, 08:10
Hi all,
I have been given a Korean Gear S for my birthday a few days ago. I performed OTA firmware upgrade to the latest version R750XXU2BOK1 and I keep getting error messages Auth fail and SW REV CHECK error when trying to use Odin to flash UK firmware.

Is this because the UK firmware is older than the latest Korean firmware? Do I just need to wait till the UK firmware is upgraded before I can flash it? I'm new to this flashing business, and I tried all sorts of things in Odin (clicked re-partition, erase NAND etc but nothing worked).

Thanks in advance for your help

12-12-2015, 19:03
Yes, you cannot downgrade the firmware.
Wait until the UK firmware updates and in the meantime do not take ota updates.

13-12-2015, 18:42
Thanks greenman, managed to sort it out in the end by finding the firmware R750XXU2BOK1 for UK region http://samsung-updates.com/details/58322/Samsung_Gear_S/SM-R750/BTU/R750XXU2BOK1.html as this website doesn't have it yet.
For some reason when I reset to factory settings the Gear S had reverted to German rather than English but this was rectified when paired to my phone.