View Full Version : [Firmware] Change T210ZCANH1_T210CHNANH1_CHN to T210 International?

09-02-2015, 18:37

I need some help please.

I have a Samsung Tab 3 SM-T210 China(T210ZCANH1_T210CHNANH1_CHN) version. I live in Cuba, and I need to enable spanish support for my kids. The Tab have androit 4.1.2, and a google search throw that the Language Enabler apk would help me to add spanish language, but this app requires root permission.

So i need to know if it is possible to install for example the Colombia (T210XXBNI1_T210UVSBNI1_COO ) version or the Chile (T210XXBNI1_T210UVSBNI1_CHO) version in the Tab that I have with Odin ??. Those versions already have Spanish language and the latest version of android.