View Full Version : [Firmware] No Phone on SM-T217T Galaxy Tab 3 7 LTE

06-02-2015, 03:45
After reading several reviews claiming it to be true and seeing a Samsung website claiming it to be true, I bought an unlocked SM-T217T from an authorized Samsung Reseller to use as a cell phone.

After being unable to find the phone app/button, nor instructions how to make a call in the manual, I contacted Samsung, who claimed that the phone capability is not available for U.S. sold tablets. That all U.S. sold tablets do not have the ability to be a cell phone.

I don't know if this is true, but nevertheless, is there a way to enable the GSM-based phone on the tablet? I am not talking about Google voice or other Voice-Over-IP apps that rely upon either Wifi or the Data Network. I am talking about old-type cellular phone communication. And no, the amount of air-time I would consume over the Data Network would be cost prohibitive from using VoIP apps.

I know that the SM-T215 is very similar to the SM-T217, and that tab does have phone capabilities. It has a phone "app". Looking at the specifications of both, the only differences seem to be the GSM bands (2 for SM-T215, 4 for SM-T217) the internal memory ( 8GB for SM-T215, 16GB for SM-T217) and the bands of the LTE. (LTE for SM-T215, LTE-A for SM-T217)

So, could a solution be to load the SM-T215 firmware onto the SM-T217? Or somehow get the phone "app" onto the SM-T217?

Thank you in advance.

07-02-2015, 18:46
So I took the initiative and attempted to install the firmware. I found that the SM-T215 firmware would not install, with a FAIL message from Odin after the first few checks. Most likely a verification that the firmware is going onto the correct phone. Out of curiosity, and to verify that I was "doing it right", I installed the SM-T217T firmware, and that went without a problem.

So, for those who are far more knowledgeable than myself, is this it? Is it not possible to load the SM-T215 firmware onto the SM-T217T, or is there some workaround or means to circumvent the check done at the beginning of the firmware flash process? Do I need to enter some code or make some setting change in factory mode, (+30012012732+ on the calculator app?

Thank you for your suggestions.