View Full Version : [Firmware] Re-Installing Indonesia --> OK! - Installing ITALY Firmware --> FAIL!

09-01-2015, 04:43
Dear All,
I kindly ask you your help for installing Italian Firmware.

I bought TAB S 10.5 in Indonesia and I want to install Italian Firmware (Vodafone).

I followed all the steps indicated for Italian Firmware but at the step hidden.img --> FAIL! :confused:

I re-installed the Indonesia Firmware --> OK! The tab works perfectly with all the apps installed before... :confused:
It means that the drivers and the cable (original) are working perfectly!

So.. i wonder what is wrong?
Should I unlock something?

I'm not expert on these... I appreciated you suggestion and help!
Otherwise i bought a useless tablet because I cannot install some italian apps. :(

Thanks upfront

11-01-2015, 11:07
wifi od lte model?
reccomend to useany eu intl version.. i use russian it is latest, all works in europe..

before all, do a factory reset, then after flashin odin enter recovery (vol+ and home) and do full wipe.