View Full Version : [Firmware] Can't unzip download T310XXUBNE9_T310DBTBNF2_DBT

26-12-2014, 10:09
Hi there!
Bought a Tab 3 8" wifi in the states and brought it as a present here to Germany. Problem is i can't seem to change the language in it to German so I thought I have to change the Firmware right?
so i downloaded the german version T310XXUBNE9_T310DBTBNF2_DBT and that one didn't open. i can't do anything with it. in winrar it tells me there is an unexpected end in the archive...
then i downloaded the UK version and one older German version and i have the same problem. what am i supposed to do.

i run windows 8.1 64 and tried with 7zip winrar and extractor.

Please help!

Thanks a lot!