View Full Version : [Firmware] Samsung Tab S 8.4 (SM-T705C)

Gicheru Ian
07-12-2014, 18:40
Hi guys,

I bought myself a Samsung Tab S 8.4 while on a business trip to China. Upon returning home to South Africa, I realized that the device didn't support the Google Play Store app or other Google applications. I need some ideas to get me firmware that will allow me to get the Google Play Store app and other Google apps. I tried rooting the device but I sort of got stuck after that.

The details on the device are as follows:

Model Number: SM-T705C
Android Version: 4.4.2
Baseband Version: T705CZCU1ANF8
Kernel Version: 3.4.39-1956020 [email protected]#1
Build Number: KOT49H.T705CZCU1ANF8
Hardware Version: MP 0.300



26-04-2015, 04:32
Similar problem here. I bought a SM-T705C in China and I woulk like to get flash the European or Hong Kong Firmware to it.

Is that possible? Or will the device stop working? (I read something about loosing the 4G network... ist that true?)


11-06-2016, 12:11
No answer?,

Many people have this problem, and loose money, I canīt understando how can sell Tablet like that and no told nothing to the people or put something warning on the box.