View Full Version : [Firmware] Samsung gear s sm-r750

24-11-2014, 20:13
Can some body help me and give me some advice what to do or can do. I bought a gear s korean region (KTC). And the watch does not have Navigator app (here apps). I live in Finland and the watch here have the here apps on it (the region is NEE). So any body know how to install the here apps on the gear s or can/how i flash the finish region to my korean region watch. Because i did not found the here apps on samsung gear apps store. And i do not know how to change the firmware.
Thank you very much if you guys can give me some answer.
Regards Hoang

21-01-2015, 12:07
flash with Odin another firmware.

20-10-2016, 17:31
need flash file updeat