View Full Version : [Firmware] Crashed Gear 2 after installing firmware

Henrik Hummel
14-11-2014, 11:59
I have installed the R380XXU0BNDDrootfs_root using Odin 3.09.

After rebooting the Gear, I get a page telling me to connect the Gear using Gear Manager etc. There are two buttons: One to show a video and one that says Next.
When I click "Next" , I get to a page telling me to select my device in Gear Manager. There are one button on this page saying "Previous". And that's it.
I can switch between those two pages, and absolutely nothing else.

I then installed the firmware R380XXU0BNDD_R380OXA0BNDD_HOME.tar.md5 with the same result.
Any ideas to what I can do about this?
Seems to me that I have to repartition, reinstall, reflash and re- everything. But how...?

26-09-2015, 20:27
you have to connect the watch to the phone by gear manager...