View Full Version : [General] GALAXY Apps language setting on japanese rooted tab

10-09-2014, 22:11
Hi, just few days I've uploaded the UK firmware on my rooted Tab S I bought in japan. Everything's ok but the language of the Galaxy Apps Store, which is set in Japanese even if I deleted the original profile and then created a new one with another email, just I was thinking the language is set depending by the county you are when you create the Samsung Account.

10-09-2014, 22:43
If you update your firmware using Kies or OTA, it will update to the latest original firmware.
To change to a UK firmware you would have to install a UK firmware.
To do this, your Tab has to be unlocked if a 3G model.
There also has to be a UK or English firmware.
Can you install this app and post :
Original CSC
Product Code
PDA version
CSC version
Baseband version
Android version