View Full Version : [General] Smal brick on my SM-T320

07-08-2014, 00:42
Hi everybody,

This night I try to update my tab on odin3.09. I was on T320XXU1ANAI and i want to go on ANG1. But the flah fail (fail(ext4). And now my tab doesn't work anymore... :(

I try to change the cable, change PC, odin version... Anything work.

What can I do. Il still have the donwload mode.

Thaks for your help,

07-08-2014, 12:06
Sammobile and Samsung recommend that updates are carried out using Kies or OTA.
That way your Tab gets the correct firmware installed.

Any problems in installing firmware with Odin are usually because:
1. The wrong model firmware is installed.
Check your model details from original packaging or look for model information on your Tab.
2. The Tab is locked to a network.

As you can get into download mode, try reinstalling the original firmware.
Use Odin 3.07

You can also try connecting to Kies and use the Tools > Firmware update and initialize.

07-08-2014, 16:47
I flash the original firmware and it's OK. Thanks !