View Full Version : [General] Gear2 runs Runtastic Pro

23-06-2014, 15:00

Just to give you my experience running Runtastic Pro in my Note3 + Gear2 combo!
It is fantastic to be able to start na exercice directely from my Gear2 with no need to touch my Note3 which stays in my Camelbak.
I start activating the GPS via Gear 2 than I launch AppLauncher in the Gear2 and start Runstastic remotely in my Note3. Then I launch the Runtastic for gear app to start the exercice. So, I don't need to touch my Note 3 and that it is what I really wanted. And I can pause and stop the exercice from Gear2 too :-).

Now I expect Endomondo to follow this please!

paulobao @ portugal

19-07-2014, 09:36
Thanks for your sharing!

11-09-2014, 07:44

I ma not able to download the firmware for Gear2 many times i did lon in and log out nothing had happened, please till if i am able to find another site to download Gear 2 original firmware for UAE . thank you