View Full Version : [Firmware] How do I know which stock firmware my device originally had?

08-06-2014, 00:22
I do know it's a 7-inch wifi-only 8GB Galaxy Tab 3 Sm-T210 tablet running Android 4.1.2, as seen here:


And I know how to successfully root using Odin. But I can't decide which of the stock firmwares my device needs in order to revert to the factory setting. I looked at your firmware list and I don't know exactly which one to pick.

This thread seems to point to what I want:


But it lists the device as SM-T210R rather than just SM-T210. Is this an important difference?

Here's my current device info from Phone INFO *Samsung*, if that helps:

Original CSC Code: XAR
Firmware's CSC Code: BGL
Active CSC Code: BGL
CSC Coutnry: Bulgaria
CSC Country ISO: BG
Product Code: [blank]

Bootloader Version: T210XXAMG2
Baseband version: [blank]
PDA Version: T210XXAMG2
CSC Version: T210OXXAMG1

08-06-2014, 05:11
The 'info' app is giving your original CSC as XAR.
XAR is for the USA Cellular South, and your Tab was originally from the US and model SM-T210R.

It has subsequently been flashed with the international SM-T210 firmware for Bulgaria (BGL).
As this is a wifi only device, installing T210 firmware has caused no problem.

Which firmware you use is entirely up to you.
To return to the original firmware, install SM-T210R (XAR).

14-06-2014, 19:44
This seems like it's what I need, thank you very much! I found the firmware and it looks like the one I need.

Is it unusual that I get a device not recognized error when trying to plug in my device for Odin purposes, but I can still view and move files while it's plugged in? Odin isn't detecting the device (it just says "Model Name :)" at the top) and I'm guessing it's because of the new firmware. Odin did detect the device the first time (when I changed the firmware initially), and I think the firmware is the only thing that has changed.

14-06-2014, 20:06
I guess you mean Kies is not recognising your phone.
Usual problems are:
1. Kies needs updating, and this may update the USB drivers
2. Use an original quality USB lead.
3. Do not use a USB hub, but connect directly to a PC usb port.
4. Do not use a USB 3 port.
5. Check your antivirus is not blocking the connection.
6. With phone connected, check windows device manager for any errors.

04-07-2014, 01:47
Its called StockRom lol just find one in the XDA forums

04-08-2014, 03:14
Is it unusual that I was able to put on the root ROM without Kies installed on my computer? Also, do you think that a rooted device requires different pc drivers?