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23-03-2014, 00:00
Hi there

I would like to know if somebody have the the sae problem that I have, 3 weeks ago from the table I have update android to 4.01 version, since then the tablet restart continuesly, I have hard/soft reset, load with odin firmware , the tablet continue the same way

do you have any recomendation?
I have seen a lot of android experts but I don understand about going to the partition system

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23-03-2014, 00:13
This problem is usually down to conflicts with previous firmware.
These conflicts can normally be removed with a Factory reset.
Put your tablet into recovery mode:
Power off tablet.
Power on holding Power + Vol Down (left part of volume button) buttons.
When Samsung logo appears, release power button, but continue holding Vol Down button.
When two icons appear, push Vol Down to select the leftmost option, and then Vol Up button (right part of volume button).

Use volume button to select Clear Cache and power to action.
After backing up your data with the Helium app from the Play Store:
Use volume to select Clear Data/Factory reset.

Your device will shut down then restart as new, but with last installed firmware.