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  1. [General] Samsung Gear
  2. [General] Samsung comfirm gear 2, neo and fit prices in the uk
  3. [General] Gear 2 Neo
  4. [General] Gear 2 and Runtastic
  5. [General] Developing apps for Tizen wearables
  6. [Firmware] Is it safe to update?
  7. [Firmware] Tizen for Gear on Kies
  8. [General] Gear2 runs Runtastic Pro
  9. [Firmware] "firmware encountered an issue", can anyone help me?
  10. [Firmware] Gear fit compatibility with s4 active
  11. [General] Galaxy s-drive
  12. [Firmware] Petition to Update Galaxy Gear to Tizen in the US
  13. [Firmware] Gear stuck on Downloading - Do not turn off target! How to restart
  14. [Firmware] Galaxy Gear Swedish firmware
  15. [General] Multi-Watch - An editable Gear2 (NEO) watch
  16. [Firmware] Galaxy Gear Firmware tutorial plz
  17. [Firmware] help me!
  18. [General] Gear Glass ?
  19. [General] S health sync with Note 3
  20. [Firmware] Crashed Gear 2 after installing firmware
  21. [General] galaxy s3 att soft bricked after updating firmware this morning.
  22. [Firmware] Samsung gear s sm-r750
  23. [General] Gear 2 Charging Cradle Issures
  24. [Firmware] Firmware update for US version
  25. [Firmware] Frustrating for Canadians
  26. [General] Happy Newyear to all of you.......
  27. [Firmware] Gear S Firmware ?
  28. [General] Reply to hangouts,GMAIL, and more from your Gear S
  29. [Firmware] I need a firmware for Samsung Galaxy s wifi 4.2
  30. [Firmware] Error
  31. [General] Has the development stopped?
  32. [Firmware] Can't make a phone call on Gear 2 conneted to Note 4 N9100!
  33. [General] A gift for the next Christmas
  34. [Firmware] Newb here, Firmware for US.
  35. [General] helpppp i9060i camera failed
  36. [Firmware] Initial pairing screen is in German after flashing from korean to UK FW
  37. [Firmware] no notifications after galaxy s4 update to lollipop
  38. [General] Download site
  39. [General] Phone #
  40. [Firmware] new update
  41. [General] my Gear restars after a period of time
  42. [General] firmware updates
  43. [Firmware] downgrade to firmware oc1 odin fail
  44. [General] can't seem to download any apps on my Gear S2 and S
  45. [General] Samsung s2
  46. [Firmware] More Firmware Issues
  47. [Firmware] Voice Command Dutch??
  48. [General] What Happened to gearfaces.com?
  49. [General] Twitter Notifications
  50. [General] gear s2 bt connection
  51. [Firmware] Converting latest Korean firmware to UK?
  52. [Firmware] Upgrade
  53. [Firmware] Original Firmware
  54. [Firmware] Sammobile mobile is best because there provide them mobile official support
  55. [Firmware] AT&T Galaxy Camera Firmware
  56. [Firmware] Change country firmware from Korea to Spain
  57. [General] Gear Manager updated and weather settings dissappeared
  58. [Firmware] Firmware for SM-R750B
  59. [General] Unable to use call forwarding on gear s
  60. [Firmware] Changing Korean SK Telecom firmware to Singapore Singtel firmware on Samsung Gear S
  61. [Firmware] Change Firmeware to UK
  62. [General] Samsung Internet Voice Rec/Keyboard Input Problems
  63. [Firmware] Problem with putting phone line on my gear s
  64. [General] Quick apps on gear s2 moved
  65. [General] Samsung Gear s2 battery
  66. [Firmware] I can't find the correct firmware
  67. [Firmware] United States Firmware for 5.1.1 SM-T710
  68. [General] DEEPOON E2 - review
  69. [General] Problem with restart
  70. [General] Alarms on Gear S2
  71. [General] Sleep tracking
  72. [General] Speaker S2 classic
  73. [Firmware] Gear s2 not tracking sleep after latest 15th july update plzzz suggest how i do it
  74. [General] Gear VR SM-R323 Backwards Compatibility
  75. [Firmware] Where is Firmware UPDATE CPC6 ? for Samsung Gear S2, Gear S2 Classic ?
  76. [General] Voice Input problem with Gear S2 Classic, Please Help!
  77. [General] Anyone able to repair my Gear S SM-R750 watch stuck in bootloop ? I will pay. Thanks
  78. [General] Wireless charging
  79. [General] Importing .watch Faces to S2/S3? (From Android Wear Watchmaker app)
  80. Can I track sleep with the new Samsung Gear S3
  81. [General] S3 LTE Variant International Operation
  82. [General] Frontier Question
  83. [Firmware] Firmware Request...
  84. [General] Gear S2 3G e-sim compatibility
  85. [General] VR for note 4
  86. [Firmware] GPS and Speedometer missing apps.
  87. [General] Standalone Mode Options?
  88. [General] Apps on s3 Frontier
  89. [General] Gear S3 Frontier
  90. [Firmware] Waste of time for me
  91. [General] Missing notification screen
  92. [Firmware] uk firmware
  93. [General] Sideloading apps on the Gear S3
  94. [General] Spotify on Gear S3
  95. [General] Allways ON DISPLAY
  96. [General] Cant disable screen lock
  97. [General] I cannot register my Gera S3 classic
  98. [General] Swiping downwards
  99. [General] No emails on S3.
  100. [General] No idea how to bring emails to the watch
  101. [General] Alternative charger dock?
  102. [Firmware] International ROM
  103. [General] Samsung pay missing
  104. [General] Bezel buzzing
  105. [Firmware] Change country firmware from Korea to South Africa
  106. [Firmware] Pit file for gear s2 r732
  107. [General] unlock sim for galaxy s3 sch-r530c
  108. [General] Integrating alarm in S3
  109. [General] Altitude and Barometer
  110. [General] Can't connect wifi in s4 zoom SM C101
  111. [General] Samsung GearFit and Gear S3 connected to the same phone
  112. [General] How to Redeem watchface Giveaway of Vektor Labs
  113. [General] Anyone know the lifetime expentancy of the Gear S2 Classic or S3 Classic battery?
  114. [General] Gear S3 Frontier - Gear Manager - Gear Apps on a no samsung phone
  115. [General] Watchmaker App for Gear S2 /S3
  116. [General] TBS app loader
  117. [General] Strange battery issue
  118. [Firmware] Samsung Gear appl for Android
  119. [General] Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 The touch does not work
  120. [General] S health on pc
  121. [General] Samsung Pay on non-Samsung phone won't authenticate
  122. [General] Gear S2 Classic US vs. International version ?
  123. [General] Samsung Gear App functionality in rooted ROM
  124. [General] Watch Faces
  125. [Firmware] yp-gi1 firmware
  126. [Firmware] Help needed. what are the differences between an US and Europe Gear 3
  127. [Firmware] eSIM programming
  128. [Firmware] Is my Gear S3 region locked to Germany?
  129. [General] Batterij Drain
  130. [General] I don't have the Samsung Pay option on my Gear S2 (UK)
  131. [General] Gear s2 horizontal screen lines
  132. [Firmware] Rom gear fit2 R360
  133. [General] Won't turn on
  134. [General] Phone answer.
  135. [General] Cant Get Samsung Pay On UK Gear S3
  136. [General] I was looking for It works great but there
  137. [General] Should I buy S3 or wait on S4?
  138. [Firmware] Gear s3 bought from dubai, but using it in india, i need to use samsung pay in india
  139. [Firmware] Samsung gear s2 r732 blocked
  140. [General] PDF reader on my Gear S3
  141. [General] Gewr s3 frontier screen problem
  142. [Firmware] Why no Firmware section for Gear S3 R760 ?
  143. [General] Gear S3 automatic bright fail
  144. [Firmware] Running Workout Paused every 10 seconds
  145. [General] Samsung Gear S3 Auto Paused Running Workout
  146. [General] Auto Pause: a TEN-SECOND bug
  147. [General] Has samsung forgot about our amazing Gears S?
  148. [General] Topgraphic maps on Gear S3 (or S2)
  149. [General] FLOORS count still does not work after update
  150. [Firmware] Gear Download mode stuck
  151. [Firmware] S2 classic BALR limited edition
  152. [General] Heart rate sampled too often
  153. [General] Cannot clear Samsung Messages notification badge anymore...??
  154. [General] Cannot connect to my phone
  155. [Firmware] my gear s3 overheating when charging - tizen
  156. [Firmware] Connection refused (111) failed to connect
  157. [Firmware] Gear 2 update--roll back helpful for hand issues
  158. [Firmware] gear s2 classic retail demo mode
  159. [General] How waterproof is the Gear S3?
  160. [General] Green Light
  161. [General] samsung account notification message
  162. [General] Gear S3 Bluetooth
  163. [General] Notifications with image
  164. [General] Samsung Pay deleting cards
  165. [General] Wake up gesture, Heart rate monitor and Step counter not working
  166. [Firmware] Gear S3 Sensors not working after recent update
  167. [General] WiFI
  168. [General] Bixby on Galaxy Watch
  169. [Firmware] New galaxy watch firmware
  170. [Firmware] Galaxy Watch Firmware Update - Files
  171. [Firmware] Galaxie mini
  172. [General] Galaxy Watch ticking? Not mine!
  173. [General] Samsung galaxy watch
  174. [Firmware] Battery drain on S3 Frontier
  175. [Firmware] At My Wit's End - LTE-Enabled Galaxy Watch on T-MOBILE USA Will Not Update!
  176. [General] Why can't I update my T-Mobile Galaxy Watch
  177. [Firmware] gear sports locked
  178. [General] Gear S3 Frontier bezel on Galaxy Watch
  179. [General] Gear S3 not displaying all my contacts
  180. [Firmware] Sensores no ligam
  181. [General] Samsung Smartwatch Time
  182. [General] firmware galaxy V
  183. [Firmware] Galaxy Buds New Firmware update in india
  184. [General] Galaxy Buds showing as 2 bluetooth devices
  185. [General] Samsung Gear3 classic
  186. [General] Multiple issues with Gear Frontier.
  187. [General] Gear VR J6+
  188. [Firmware] High Hear Alert One Ui Gear S3
  189. [Firmware] SM-R500 Galaxy Watch Active firmware?
  190. [General] Gear VR worth it in 2019?
  191. [General] Swim tracking galaxy watch 46mm
  192. [Firmware] 46mm Galaxy watch: no elevated heart rate alerts
  193. [General] Watch Active Blood Pressure
  194. [General] I gave up activating esim for my S3 Frontier LTE please help
  195. [General] Need this watch face
  196. [General] Still not received Galaxy Active 2 watch from Samsung UK
  197. [General] Samsung Gear S r750 - not working
  198. [Firmware] r750aucu2apc1 on my gear S
  199. [Firmware] Samsung Gear S r750
  200. [General] Gear sport battery drain
  201. [General] Galaxy Watch Active2 "Luxury Edition"
  202. [General] Galaxy watch Reactivation Lock : ON (SM-R800)
  203. [General] Samsung buds extreme balance problem
  204. [General] SM-R805F Australia. 🤔
  205. [General] Deleting select music
  206. [General] ECG and Balance
  207. [Firmware] Cant download firmaware
  208. [General] Sm_j410f/ds
  209. [General] Galaxy Book S
  210. [General] Does Galaxy Book Flex have Sim card for $g LTE
  211. [General] Gear 360 app watermark
  212. [General] Download from Site
  213. [General] Galaxy Buds Mic Problem
  214. [General] Sammobile subscription paid, but not received - help please
  215. [General] How do I configure Bellsouth email account?
  216. [General] How do I Use 123.hp/setup to install my HP Printer?
  217. [Firmware] Galaxy Gear Sm-v700 tizen firmware
  218. [General] Watch 3
  219. [General] Galaxy Watch 3 + Galaxy Buds Live
  220. [Firmware] Galaxy Watch Active2 (SM-R825FS) - firmware?
  221. [General] Galaxy Watch face for my Watch3
  222. [General] Why Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 rubber band is out of stock everywhere?
  223. [General] Galaxy Watch 3 heating while charging.
  224. [General] Galaxy 46mm watch
  225. [General] Galaxy Buds + left earbud problems...
  226. [General] Ports for Galaxy Gear S3 via wifi
  227. [Firmware] Need Help
  228. [General] Information - how to set static IP on Gear S3
  229. [General] programming
  230. [Firmware] Lack of galaxy watch 3 updates
  231. [General] What happened to OEM Samsung Galaxy 3 Riged Strap?
  232. [General] Galaxy buds low volume
  233. [Firmware] Old Samsung model SM-V700 firmware repair?
  234. [General] Workout video guide app for Samsung Watch?
  235. [General] Samsung 970 EVO vs 970 EVO Plus vs 970 PRO Which is Best for us?
  236. [General] Does Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium bracelet require watchmaker to shorten?
  237. [Firmware] Witch country CSC Code is my Galaxy watch active 2?
  238. [General] GW3 / GWA2 ECG Update
  239. [General] Samsung Pay leaves Mexico
  240. [General] Galaxy watch active 2 remote connect
  241. [General] Samsung switching to Wear OS?
  242. [Firmware] Buds plus new firmware update
  243. [General] Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Wireless Duo charger problem.
  244. [Firmware] Galaxy Watch Tizen 5.5 Update
  245. [Firmware] AT&T S10+ in Australia
  246. [Firmware] Galaxy watch 3 software support
  247. [General] Hosting
  248. [General] Sammobile sells your email addresses -> Spam!
  249. [General] Mẹo tiếp thị S*a chữa máy vi t*nh h*ng đầu
  250. [General] đánh giá 3 tivi Sony thế hệ nhất bây giờ được nhiều người dùng