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  1. [Firmware] Tab A 10.1 2016 (SM-P580) - Anyone have the firmware?
  2. [Firmware] need t230 xeo pit file - please help
  3. [Firmware] Upgrade Galaxy TAB E T561 to Android Lollipop
  4. [Firmware] Error message : firmware upgrade encoutered an issue... after an odin 3.07 treatment
  5. [Firmware] Marshmallow update
  6. [Firmware] SM-T580 invalid kernel length
  7. [Firmware] Tab 10.1 2014 Edition - SM-P605 Official Lollipop update
  8. [General] My tab 3 restarts when screen is adjusted
  9. [Firmware] I'm looking for a 2 Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T819 ROM
  10. [Firmware] Firmware download doesn't work
  11. [Firmware] firmware version 4.2.2 UK (P3110XXDMH1-P3110OXADMH1) for Galaxy Tab2 GT-P3110
  12. [General] Need schematic samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 sm-t230
  13. [General] help me please......
  14. [Firmware] T350 Pit File
  15. [General] Trying to get S2 working with 4g on vodafone UK smt819Y
  16. [Firmware] Galaxy TAB E (Model: SM-T560NZ)
  17. [Firmware] SM-t230 system files deleted, multiple errors after flashing stock ROM
  18. [General] [BRICK] SM-210 shows as EMEI device
  19. [Firmware] GALAXY TAB3 NEO not booting
  20. [General] Odin completes successfully all operations but nothing is actually flashed
  21. [Firmware] MDM blocking factory reset on ex demo unit after successful flash - SM-T550X
  22. [General] Please help, need pit file tab4 t235y
  23. [Firmware] Galaxy tab 10.5 Sm-t807t looking to go to Marshmallow
  24. [General] Problem Downloading firmware P5100ITVDMJ1
  25. [Firmware] Help with Samsung Tab 4 SM T332
  26. [General] Coin cell battery?
  27. [Firmware] Download firmware tablet GT-P5100 -Error "404 Not Found"
  28. [Firmware] My firmware does not exist
  29. [Firmware] [Firmware] I need the latest firmware Tab S2 SM-T813
  30. [Firmware] Sm-t719y
  31. [General] Need help finding a pit file SM-T900
  32. [General] SM-T819, 4G Mobile Network Issue
  33. [Firmware] S2 Tablet SM-T819Y verzion firmware upgrade with different region.
  34. [Firmware] HELP galaxy tab gt-n5110
  35. [Firmware] My tab s2 9.7
  36. [Firmware] firmware for tab 10.1 is file 404 not found
  37. [Firmware] Booting stuck - how to get rid of 'signature verification error'
  38. [Firmware] UK unlock WiFi only tab s2 marshmallow uodate
  39. [Firmware] Custom ROM for SM-T110
  40. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - Nougat?
  41. [General] Keep losing wifi on tabS 10.5
  42. [Firmware] Have I really killed my T813???
  43. [Firmware] SM-P900 Marshmelow..Upgrade?
  44. [Firmware] Can I use this firmware with my SM-T350
  45. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab E SM-T560NU
  46. [General] SM-T819 which one has a stock phone dialer?
  47. [Firmware] Loop after odin flash
  48. [Firmware] FRP Lock + Stuck at Samsung Logo..Please Help!
  49. [Firmware] please release android 6.0.1 for galaxy tab s2 8.0 inch model t715ydxu2aoj1
  50. [General] Hard Brick. Pit file needed. Still can't partition.
  51. [Firmware] Can I unroot my SM-T800 that has Marshmallow 6.0.1?
  52. [General] switching off brightness
  53. [General] TAb S2 8.0 firmware into a Tab Pro 8.4
  54. [General] Touch key lights not ON
  55. [General] UK owners sm-t719 questions
  56. [General] Invalid Magic String
  57. [General] SM-T210 Schematics
  58. PIT file
  59. [Firmware] Have I bricked my Galaxy Tab 7.0 GT-P1000T ?
  60. [Firmware] Help help
  61. [General] Root sm-t805
  62. [General] Can I flash these firmwares to my T-815Y?
  63. [Firmware] Sm-t560nu stock zip file
  64. [General] Nougat availability
  65. [General] Themes
  66. [Firmware] Stuck on Battery charge Logo
  67. [General] Bricked SM-T560 Galaxy Tab E Help Please
  68. [General] Decompliling Firmware
  69. [Firmware] Firmware for GT-P7510 for Canada or the USA not working
  70. [Firmware] Need India Volte CSC for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  71. [Firmware] SM t-311
  72. [General] Model Question...
  73. [General] Help
  74. [General] low touch screen sensitivity at some regions
  75. [General] XBOX 360 controller support T560
  76. [Firmware] No download link to the firmware
  77. [Firmware] HELP!!! stuck at Samsung logo, not charging, boot loop :(
  78. [Firmware] Can not play any videos on tab s 8.4 sm-t700 or record videos with the camera
  79. [Firmware] Odin Error Samsung Tab S2 T810
  80. Sm_t710 pit files
  81. [Firmware] New nougat
  82. [Firmware] SM-T350 - 404 Not Found error when downloading firmware
  83. [Firmware] 4G problem after Nougat update SM-T815
  84. [General] Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE SM-T705 VIPER4AUDIO ?
  85. [Firmware] samsung tab 3 not detecting mobile network signal
  86. [Firmware] Sm-t217a
  87. [Firmware] SM-T815 o2
  88. [Firmware] PIN required after flashing the firmware with android 6.0.1
  89. [General] Service manual for Galaxy tab S2 SM-T719Y
  90. SM-T330 pit file
  91. [Firmware] SM-T560 Galaxy Tab E Help Please
  92. [Firmware] Upgrade SM-T719Y to Nougat(Android 7.0)
  93. [Firmware] Galaxy tab a 2016 sm-t580 nougat and now 6.0.1 fail falshing odin
  94. [General] How to migrate "offline reading files" to other device?
  95. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T550
  96. [Firmware] Failed system downgrade on SM-T800
  97. [Firmware] Need Android 6 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (USA)
  98. [Firmware] firmware
  99. [General] OTG not working - Now boots up and shuts off.
  100. [Firmware] Finally firmware for galaxy tab 3 sm-t217a version 4.4.2
  101. [General] Why is my battery temperature constantly shown as -20°C?
  102. [Firmware] hallo
  103. [Firmware] SM-T719Y firmware not working
  104. [General] black screen problem
  105. [Firmware] T580 not working anymore.
  106. [Firmware] Android Nougat
  107. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab A - SM-T555 Pit File
  108. [General] Bigger internal storage by SD card for Samsung Galaxy Tab S, SM-T800!
  109. [Firmware] SM-T111 bootlop use odin flash failed
  110. [General] Samsung galaxy tab 3 by sprint
  111. [Firmware] Help
  112. [Firmware] Can't update to android 7
  113. [General] Music app
  114. [Firmware] T713 WIFI stock fiemware in T719 flash? possibile
  115. [Firmware] SM-T713 Bought from Hong Kong - is it possible to flash Nougat
  116. [Firmware] Major problem with SM-T550
  117. [Firmware] I need FILE pit for sm-t315
  118. [General] silent voice during line naver call
  119. SM-T315 PIT file
  120. [Firmware] Tab A 6 (t580) flash problem [ODIN]
  121. [Firmware] Tab s 10.5 T800 Stock Rom + Full wipe?
  122. [Firmware] Issues with Sammobile download SM-t805
  123. [Firmware] What forum to post Galaxy View? Root, Unlock FRP
  124. [Firmware] Tab s2 t819 flash XXU2 over XXS2...
  125. [Firmware] SM-T377P Sprint Galaxy Tab E QH2 firmware
  126. [Firmware] Downgrading GALAXY tab a6 T585 from nougat to marshmallow
  127. [Firmware] Sm-t819y
  128. [Firmware] trying to download stock ROM but page insists I must be premium member??
  129. [General] Tab 3 won't boot
  130. [General] Flash Firmware without USB port
  131. [Firmware] tab e dutch version canadian firm?
  132. [Firmware] Samsung Tab A SM-T355Y Thai Language needed
  133. [Firmware] SM-T710 flash query
  134. [Firmware] can not upgrade android software
  135. [General] Does Tab S2 or S3 work like phones with social media apps ?
  136. [General] sm-t310 in splash screen loop
  137. [Firmware] Firmware upgrade encountered and issue - Galaxy Tab 3 kids (SM-T2105)
  138. [Firmware] Can I install any android 7.0 to T710 Hong Kong
  139. [General] upgrade os
  140. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab A updated to Nougat, can't connect to WiFi now
  141. [Firmware] Atualização do ANDROID
  142. [General] repair boot samsung tab a (p355)
  143. [Firmware] Samsung Tab E SM-T377A
  144. [Firmware] Differances between firmwares.
  145. [General] where is the tab s3 forum section?
  146. [Firmware] Tab A update
  147. [Firmware] Gt-p6800 no restore factory option (hard reset) | do not initialize android
  148. [Firmware] How do I rollback the software upgrade for SM-P555 Galaxy Tab
  149. [General] T-560 firmware 다시는 삼성
  150. [Firmware] T715 Stuck on Bootlogo after flashing CF-Autoroot
  151. [General] How to add pt.BR language to Android 4.1.2 released only to Asia?
  152. [Firmware] SM-T210 odin faied to flash "firmware update issue".
  153. [General] I need all files for a full flash (tab3 lite sm-t110)
  154. [Firmware] Firmware for SM-T580 USA Version?
  155. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab E SM-T378S Firmware request.
  157. [Firmware] The PIT file was corrupt. We cannot continue without a PIT file. Please select one o
  158. [General] samsung usb drivers
  159. [General] Samsung Tablet
  160. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab A 7"(sm-t280)
  161. [Firmware] Nougat update for SM-T3777 ?
  162. [Firmware] Firmware for Tab S3 (US)
  163. [Firmware] Searching for Pit File SM-T555 LTE Germany(Vodafone)
  164. [Firmware] Exdemo SM-T280
  165. [General] Samsung Tab 4 T231 Stuck on Logo
  166. [Firmware] Not Receiving OTA Updates After OEM Reflashing
  167. [Firmware] Samsung galaxy tab3 (model: SM-T210R) S/N: RF2DC10LL7N (8GB)(WIFI)
  168. [General] Magnetic Holder
  169. [Firmware] Unable to download firmware
  170. [General] Samsung Game Launcher Options not showing
  171. [Firmware] SM-T815y tab2 9.7in
  172. [Firmware] GALAXY Tab S2 SM-T715
  173. [Firmware] Can anyone help finding PIT file for SM-T900 for firmware for The Netherlands
  174. [Firmware] stock rom for Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813
  175. [Firmware] firmware access broken/disappeared
  176. [Firmware] S3 T825 Italy Oreo update
  177. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab S3 (SM-T825) | Hungary XEH OREO released today
  178. [Firmware] SM-T285 Firmware only comes as 1 file and doesnt doanything
  179. [Firmware] question about stock firmware
  180. [Firmware] flashing stock firmware
  181. [Firmware] Firmware MISSING FILE
  182. [Firmware] Tab A 6 (t580) Spanish to Austrlian rom
  183. [Firmware] P5110 can't download firmware
  184. [General] Tab E
  185. [General] Tab E
  186. [Firmware] sm-t210 firmawre for Greece
  187. [Firmware] T357W to T357T? First time thinking about changing firmware
  188. [Firmware] Need help with SM-P355 Firmware
  189. [Firmware] Firm to gt-p7310
  190. [Firmware] samsung tab a6 t sm585
  191. [General] Samsung SM-T385K FRP LOCK ON/OEM LOCK ON
  192. [General] Having trouble deleting/forgetting saved wifi networks Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T830
  193. [Firmware] Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825NZKAKOO korea
  194. [Firmware] Samsung SM-T385K/S/L Firmware need
  195. [Firmware] Cannot upgrade firmware on GT-P5110
  196. [General] Tab s3 sm-t820
  197. [Firmware] Flashing firmware
  198. [Firmware] Availability of Switzerland SM-P905-Firmware? I get logged out as soon as I click.
  199. [Firmware] Unable to change CSC in Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T835
  200. [Firmware] Tab E SM-T377W
  201. [Firmware] Root Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8010
  202. [General] SM-T580 soft bricked
  203. [General] Tab S 8.7 completely not responding.
  204. [Firmware] Sm-t560nuueu1cqk2
  205. [General] My samsung tablet does not emit sound
  206. [Firmware] PIT file for GT-N8000
  207. [Firmware] Weird and duplicated settings
  208. [Firmware] Need Help, I may have bricked my SM-T900 - Need Pit File
  209. [Firmware] Need Help, I may have bricked my SM-T900 - Need Pit File
  210. [Firmware] SM-T377W 4Files (Repair Firmware)
  211. [Firmware] Need android 6 for Sm-t580 Build U3BRF1
  212. [Firmware] SM-T385 Pit File
  213. [Firmware] GT-P7310(wifi)
  214. [Firmware] Sm-t800
  215. [Firmware] samsung tab e sm-t377w
  216. [Firmware] SM-T580 problems with flash / missing files? help!
  217. [Firmware] I forgot my standard password for email and id samsung tablet a6 SM-280
  218. [Firmware] Gt-p1000
  219. [Firmware] Sansung tab e lite stock rom needed 7 inch
  220. [Firmware] MobiControl installed on galaxy tab active 8.0
  221. [Firmware] Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 SM-T280
  222. [Firmware] Oreo Update for SM-T580
  223. [Firmware] After unzipping file I find only 1 md5 file
  224. [General] Radiofrequency application error
  225. [Firmware] Samsung GALAXY Tab2 7.0 GT-P3100
  226. [Firmware] AP files does not extract
  227. [Firmware] Rom galaxy note pro sm p900
  228. [Firmware] P6200lvjlp5 - galaxy tab 7.0 plus gt-p6200l zvv brasil (vivo) android 4.0.4
  229. [Firmware] SM-P605 firmware archived
  230. [Firmware] Can't change CSC on a T595
  231. [Firmware] Odin dont run in gt-n8010
  232. [General] Roms problem
  233. [General] SM-t587
  234. [General] Rom question
  235. [General] Tab S4 DeX & Dolby Atmos multi user
  236. [Firmware] Combination file help Tab S3
  237. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy Tab E model sm-t560nzkuxar firmware
  238. [Firmware] SAMSUNG TAB E SM-T560 STUCK"Firmware upgrade encountered an issue" "PLEASE HELP "
  239. [General] Samsung tab s sm-t807t
  240. [General] Codigo de recuperacion en galxy s6, ayuda?
  241. [Firmware] Why is GALAXY Tab 3 / SM-T210 firmware elsewhere free for download?
  242. [Firmware] actualizacion para GT-P7500
  243. [Firmware] Sm t580
  244. [Firmware] Tag törlése
  245. [General] Samsung tablet SM-P600 Vertical lines on screen
  246. [General] One drive 100GB
  247. [Firmware] Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T585); V. 8.1. -> 7.0 *HELP*
  248. [Firmware] [SM-T210] Firmware download for free impossible
  249. [Firmware] Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000XXALI3 firmware upgrade
  250. [General] Help Samsung A 6 T585