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  1. [General] note 8 Sm-N9500
  2. [Firmware] Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F update 9.0
  3. [Firmware] Cant receive OTA update
  4. [Firmware] Cant receive OTA update
  5. [Firmware] Android 9.0 is gone? - Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F
  6. [Firmware] Fap lock on
  7. [General] A5 2017
  8. [Firmware] Firmware Wanted SHV-E160J
  9. [Firmware] Samsung s9 sprint firmware
  10. [Firmware] Updating firmware from different country?
  11. [Firmware] Firmware Galaxy J6+ (SM-J610G)
  12. [Firmware] Samsung S8 with Android 9 PIE
  13. [Firmware] stuck in factory binary mode SM-G935T SAMSUNG S7 EDGE
  14. [Firmware] Samsung J3110 : Can I use Samsung Keyboard
  15. [General] samsung qalaxy j6plus i wiped efs no backup i know my imei cant write it to the phon
  16. [Firmware] Switzerland (AUT) SM-N9005 (Note 3) PIT file needed
  17. [Firmware] Rom Samsung note 4
  18. [General] [HELP] How to Get Spotify tab in Samsung Music in India?
  19. [General] Samsung to launch the Galaxy S10 series in Bangladesh on March 6
  20. [Firmware] S8 plus android pie upgrade inquiry.
  21. [Firmware] G610fdxu1crl2 - galaxy j7 prime sm-g610f xxv vietnam
  22. [Firmware] Which firmware OREO for A8 2018 duos SM-A530F
  23. [Firmware] Note 8 Android Pie
  24. [Firmware] Galaxy note 9
  25. [Firmware] Plz help Samsung S8 plus to enable Volte in USA phone
  26. [Firmware] Firmware for 920FD
  27. [Firmware] Sm-g925f btu
  28. [Firmware] PIE on S8 Question
  29. [Firmware] switch to a new firmware on samsung a5 2017
  30. [Firmware] Unlocked Note 9 Firmware
  31. [Firmware] HELP! FRP and OEM locks blocked custom recovery, and now I can't boot in any mode.
  32. [Firmware] j5 pro
  33. [Firmware] February Security Patch
  34. [Firmware] Note 9 firmware From Singapore to Malaysia firmware
  35. [Firmware] J7 firmware
  36. [Firmware] Samsung S9+ Australia firmware
  37. [General] galaxy s9 backup before hard reset
  38. [Firmware] Software S10
  39. [Firmware] Change the CSC to another country...
  40. [Firmware] is it possible to install a TUN rom into a XEU one ?
  41. [Firmware] Invalid sim after flashed
  42. [General] Updating to Android Pie One UI On S8 G950F
  43. [General] j730f / j730g/ds display digitizer replacement compatibility
  44. [Firmware] fireware
  45. [Firmware] hej mam samsung s6 zrobilem twardy restart
  46. [General] Galaxy Note 8 after Android 9 Pie install...
  47. [General] Note9: No notification sound from phone speaker with BlueTooth LEVEL
  48. [Firmware] Snail slow & loaded with errors and download fails.
  49. [General] Efs folder empty and i didn't do a backup
  50. [General] How is your battery life on S8 after pie?
  51. [General] Note 9 Dolby atmos on Pie 9.0
  52. [Firmware] shows incorrect amount of storage after Rom update
  53. [General] Can dual SIM phones have same IMEI?
  54. [Firmware] Note 9 SM-N9600
  55. [Firmware] Galaxy Note 8 firmware upgrade
  56. [General] How To Decipher Model Numbers?
  57. [Firmware] Galaxy S9+ not received any OTA updates yet.
  58. [Firmware] phone reboots 5 second after i start flashing it
  59. [General] Galaxy S9 SM-G960F v SM-G960U1
  60. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S8 stack in Android version 7.1
  61. [General] Samsung Blockchain Keystore - S10+
  62. [Firmware] SM-N9600 CSC Change and Flashing Questions
  63. [Firmware] Note 8 don't receive pie update
  64. [Firmware] Phone not allowed for voice
  65. [Firmware] Downgrade Note 8 to Oreo
  66. [Firmware] Change rom s9+ SM-g965U
  67. [General] Recovery Samsung S6
  68. [Firmware] Help!
  69. [General] Please, delete my account
  70. [General] S7 edge stuck on bootloop
  71. [Firmware] change CSC
  72. [Firmware] Update to 9.0 (csc change)
  73. [Firmware] S9 BTU not getting an update
  74. [Firmware] S8 (G950FD) upgrade to Pie
  75. [Firmware] ajuda
  76. [Firmware] One Plus 3
  77. [General] Cloured notification at alwsys on display (note 8)
  78. [Firmware] what about battery life in note 8 with pie
  79. [General] Brava DM-993a
  80. [Firmware] Flash from VOD to XEU
  81. [Firmware] S7 edge stuck WONT TURN ON
  82. [Firmware] Samsung J3109
  83. [Firmware] galaxy sm-g930p
  84. [Firmware] Having trouble using Odin
  85. [General] Beta Close Notification
  86. [Firmware] S6 edge stuck in startup screen
  87. [Firmware] S7 stuck in bootloop
  88. [Firmware] Note8 update pie9
  89. [General] Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge Plus flashing with just Samsung Galaxy Edge Logo
  90. [General] lost the Live Focus Option in Camera after Android Pie upgrade for Note 8
  91. [Firmware] Firmeware fr Galaxy S4 GT-I9505
  92. [Firmware] Can I downgrade?
  93. [General] A8 2018 - Android PIE
  94. [Firmware] Firmware Country for unlocked device
  95. [Firmware] Android Pie update on Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960U
  96. [Firmware] Filmware
  97. [Firmware] Flash unlocked Vodafone Galaxy S9 with EE firmware
  98. [Firmware] Cannot change CSC on Pie Note 9
  99. [Firmware] Note9 Dark Mode
  100. [Firmware] smsung galaxy S9 g9600 frp bypass
  101. [Firmware] When I get Android 9 In My Galaxy S8
  102. [Firmware] Firmware update
  103. [General] Edge handle desapeared even if on in the settings
  104. [Firmware] G965U Firmware for AT&T
  105. [General] Samsung galaxy s8- g950u
  106. [Firmware] SM-G9750 flash to SM-G975F
  107. [Firmware] Samsung S8 SM-950F Belgium
  108. [Firmware] Humble request for help please?
  109. [Firmware] Can't receive OTA updates on S9
  110. [Firmware] FIRMWARE Brazil does not work
  111. [General] HELP - Samsung s7 not registered on network issue
  112. [Firmware] S8+ sgh955f
  113. [General] Samsung Pay not working
  114. [Firmware] Bootloader S9+
  115. [General] Notification Icons
  116. [General] Notification Icons
  117. [Firmware] S8+ Pie always ON is not running
  118. [Firmware] Flash S7 Edge with Odin
  119. [Firmware] Pei Update Problem (Galaxy Note8)
  120. [General] Samsung S10 purchased in Greece for a Spaniard
  121. [General] Only loads Download Mode j500h
  122. [General] I paid for 8.50 for premium but it won't let me FAST download
  123. [Firmware] twrp loop
  124. [General] Galaxy A60 Leaks China Remote website
  125. [General] Galaxy S5 Invalid SIM
  126. [General] No Lte when out of wifi range
  127. [Firmware] Firmware for s8+
  128. [Firmware] I've upgraded to pie on s9+
  129. [Firmware] update
  130. [Firmware] Galaxy s8
  131. [Firmware] A8 plus Pie update out in India
  132. [Firmware] problem to flash ROM
  133. [Firmware] How much Storage does an Android install take?
  134. [Firmware] s7 edge flash rom problem
  135. [Firmware] one ui samsung galaxy s8 sm-950u
  136. [Firmware] note 8 reboot loop
  137. [Firmware] Change CSC
  138. [Firmware] android pie to oreo
  139. [Firmware] voLTE issue. Need help....
  140. [General] Is this a good deal?
  141. [Firmware] A605 Can not remove factory binary
  142. [Firmware] Note 3 stopped booting, goes straight to Download screen with mmc_read failed message
  143. [General] icons error
  144. [Firmware] Samsung Note 8 (SM-N950F)
  145. [Firmware] dificuldade j7 pro
  146. [Firmware] GALAXY C5 - How to restore Default Google on Bootloader - Chinese Firmwares
  147. [Firmware] Back to official software
  148. [Firmware] Can I change firmware on G930V?
  149. [Firmware] No my country in the list of countries for firmware
  150. [Firmware] Flashed my S8 with official FW but Samsung Health & Pay aren't working
  151. [General] Will Galaxy M30 come to europe any time soon?
  152. [Firmware] J701f
  153. [General] Delete my account
  154. [Firmware] Note8 (SM-N950U & SM950U1)
  155. [Firmware] How to get Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) on Android Pie, One UI back to G960FXXU2BRJ3
  156. [Firmware] Help restoring Galaxy S7 to official firmware
  157. [General] Galaxy A50
  158. [General] Galaxy S10e fingerprint reader
  159. [General] need Galaxy A90 firmware
  160. [Firmware] CSC Change for S9+
  161. [Firmware] No funciono firmware j7
  162. [Firmware] firmware update fail
  163. [General] Galaxy S10 series problem with Dualshock 4 controller
  164. [Firmware] One UI A605FN for A605F
  165. [Firmware] SM-G900T Firmware Update Availability...
  166. [Firmware] Note 8 n950f
  167. [Firmware] NOTE 8 N950F ota updates issue
  168. [Firmware] Changing CSC code please HELP!!!
  169. [Firmware] galaxy s7
  170. [General] Actually resetting the battery
  171. [Firmware] How to Convert Galaxy S8 G955F to Double Sim G955FD
  172. [Firmware] Software update processing problem
  173. [Firmware] Flashing Fail (SM-J100H)
  174. [General] J7 2017 oreo 8.1 display
  175. [Firmware] G570Y/DS root file need android ver 8.0 oreo
  176. [Firmware] S9+ from Germany - no OTA updates
  177. [Firmware] Custom blocker on phone samsung galaxy s8+
  178. [General] Bootlop after dying
  179. [Firmware] Update XFA to XFE on Note 8 South Africa
  180. [Firmware] Mise jour vers Android 9 impossible sur A6+
  181. [Firmware] Note 8 Software update Issue (Update fails at 32%)
  182. [Firmware] s8 frp not working Need help to choose firmware
  183. [Firmware] Samsung S3 rooting and manual APK issues
  184. [Firmware] Changing csc to default one in a multi pack
  185. [Firmware] Odin doesnt recorgnize my s8+ g955F
  186. [General] Call recording issues on Pie, can I flash S9 image from another country to fix this?
  187. [General] download mode s10+
  188. [Firmware] firmware UK samsung s7 g930f
  189. [Firmware] S6 920F PIT / ROM combinations
  190. [Firmware] requesting for information
  191. [Firmware] porque no se puede descargar firmware
  192. [Firmware] Galaxy Note 8 Members Beta pie N950U1UEU5ZSC2 One UI 1.0
  193. [Firmware] S7 sm-g930v
  194. [General] Can't force stop playstore in Galaxy S9
  195. [Firmware] Bixby in Russian
  196. [Firmware] galaxy s9
  197. [Firmware] Note 8
  198. [Firmware] S9 Plus Fingerprint issue
  199. [Firmware] note 9 brand tim bloccato error has occurred while updating the device software....
  200. [Firmware] s9+ firm descarga sammobile
  201. [General] never flashed before help
  202. [General] since Android pie on my a600f, can't copy files from my ntfs device
  203. [Firmware] N960U AT&T Unlock / Install a T-Mobile Firmware
  204. [Firmware] Settings keeps stopping error after android pie march update on Samsunf S9 sprint
  205. [Firmware] US Unlocked Note 9
  206. [Firmware] New Brazil ZTO firware info before flashing
  207. [General] Besoin d'aide
  208. [General] Can't install old EMAIL apk
  209. [Firmware] Galaxy s7 Edge Locked by Update
  210. [Firmware] A50 still no update
  211. [Firmware] Firmware S7 Edge ( SM-G935F )
  212. [General] GPS no more working on S7 SM-G930F
  213. [General] Paste and clipboard appearing on a single pess instead of a long press
  214. [General] Export Text Messages on Galaxy S10+
  215. [Firmware] Galaxy J8 J810F
  216. [Firmware] Which firmware for Sm-G96OU1 US
  217. [Firmware] Need PIT File for Galaxy J320F 2016 (SM-J320F)
  218. [Firmware] Reasons to switch Unbranded/unlocked CSC, or not?
  219. [Firmware] s8 i cant downgrade
  220. [Firmware] J7 Prime (SM-J272T) UK - Oreo?
  221. [Firmware] j7 SM-J700H update help
  222. [Firmware] SM-965F - Cant change ROM from PAK to BTU
  223. [Firmware] All files I download are unopenable
  224. [Firmware] one ui samsung galaxy s8 sm-950u
  225. [Firmware] galaxy SIII I9300 firmware please help
  226. [General] Sm-g975 to 975f?
  227. [Firmware] O2 Firmware Help
  228. [Firmware] A request
  229. [Firmware] GALAXY NOTE 9 purchased on Ebay BRI version (TAIWAN) used in Spain
  230. [Firmware] Change to another regional ROM, earlier Version
  231. [Firmware] Complete(Write) operation failed. (SM-N950U)
  232. [Firmware] At&t sm-n950u
  233. [General] Pie Update
  234. [Firmware] Samsung A8 2018 problem after flash firmwaer
  235. [Firmware] Note 8 Android 9.0 confused
  236. [Firmware] J7 Pro
  237. [Firmware] When i can get android pie on my J4+
  238. [Firmware] Samsung galaxy a6+
  239. [Firmware] S9 plus, g965f/ds
  240. [Firmware] Firmware s10 plus Spain PHE
  241. [Firmware] Not Sure What Firmware I Need For S8+
  242. [Firmware] Download firmware for galaxy-s7-edge SM-G935F does not work?
  243. [Firmware] "This firmware has been archived due to too few downloads." (Galaxy S II SHW-M250K)
  244. [General] Samsung S9 March Update
  245. [Firmware] S8 SM-G950FD. LTE problem after flashed
  246. [Firmware] Sm-g892a
  247. [Firmware] S8+ G955FD Showing G955N in download mode
  248. [Firmware] Can I flash a stock S10+ G975U(USA, Snapdragon) ROM on my G9750(China, Snapdragon)?
  249. [Firmware] Galaxy Note Fan Edition is hanging when we make upgrade
  250. [Firmware] I have newer firmware for "GALAXY S II (SHW-M250K)". Is SamMobile interested?