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  1. [General] Son tried to root my Note 3
  2. [General] codes for SG S3
  3. [General] Connecting i9305 to TV
  4. [Firmware] I cannot download the firmware!
  5. [Firmware] problem
  6. [Firmware] www.sammobile.com/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=686
  7. [General] autoshape feature?
  8. [Firmware] error mounting efs
  9. [Firmware] touch screen not working after update to 4.3 on galaxy S3
  10. [Firmware] Galaxy I9305T has IMEI null/null, Baseband version Unknown
  11. [General] are there hebrew on the french vercion 4.4.2?
  12. [Firmware] i9100 - S2 - end of life?
  13. [Firmware] i want to install fresh copy of 4.3!!!
  14. [Firmware] Vodafone Ireland (IE) 4.4.2 Firmware
  15. [General] EFS Folder Backup
  16. [General] I can not upload the software on my samsung siii
  17. [Firmware] I8190 does not get OTA updates, Kies does freezes in connecting, ODIN method not work
  18. [Firmware] Kitkat S3
  19. [General] 4G motherboard in 3G phone
  20. [Firmware] Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i Archive Firmware
  21. [Firmware] Rom for gt i 3905 lte israel
  22. [Firmware] SHV-E160S cant upgrade
  23. [Firmware] Samsung I9300 Firmware with 3 Files.
  24. [Firmware] S4 Root info required please (noob) HELP!!
  25. [General] SHV-E160s stock logo
  26. [Firmware] No GSM Connectivity
  27. [Firmware] N8010 - Searching a rom with the files BL, AP, CP, CSC
  28. [Firmware] GT-N7100 Firmware file 4.1.1 corrupted
  29. [Firmware] Samsung Note 3 update 4.4.2 Bug
  30. [Firmware] Not done
  31. [Firmware] A Little Help please?
  32. [Firmware] Need help for [SHV-E160S]
  33. [Firmware] KitKat update for the Galaxy S4 I9505
  34. [Firmware] Can't download from sammobile, why? help for original rom I9000B 2.3.3
  35. [General] samsung galaxy gt s5310 touch screen issue
  36. [Firmware] WiFi will not turn on at all after installing other region's ROM
  37. [Firmware] (Help) downgrade de 4.3 a 4.1 Galaxy S3
  38. [Firmware] Duda - Doubt
  39. [Firmware] GN3 with a heartbeat and no brain waves... OTA update
  40. [Firmware] Kitkat update
  41. [General] a problem with spen
  42. [General] Knox void warranty samsung official response
  43. [Firmware] Install a custom rom
  44. [Firmware] note 3(SM-N9005) 32GB
  45. [Firmware] Help me to download new firmware for my galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 please!
  46. [General] Unable to find camera shortcut on my lock screen of note2
  47. [General] S3, S4....etc. kill micro SD card
  48. [General] wrong firmware installed ,phone was not start
  49. [Firmware] 4.4.2 bugs (default application & haptic feedback)
  50. [Firmware] I9100 - GTI9100GSMH - Which firmware ist the right one?
  51. [Firmware] what samsung features dos the beta kitkat have over current.
  52. [Firmware] Update
  53. [Firmware] How to convert SHV-E210L to GT-I9305
  54. [Firmware] Help o.o
  55. [Firmware] is this phone a fake
  56. [Firmware] note 3 restart after kitakat
  57. [Firmware] paid premium, still slow download !
  58. [Firmware] full pda for xsi or ksa SM-N9005
  59. [General] A little help please
  60. [Firmware] George from Uk
  61. [Firmware] going back to original kernel
  62. [Firmware] Kies 3 Issue
  63. [Firmware] Your new firmware search interface sucks so bad - site interface
  64. [Firmware] Phone Backed up to previous Firmware after flashing other Firmware
  65. [Firmware] Download link is broken
  66. [Firmware] can not download firmware
  67. [Firmware] Unable to download Firmware
  68. [Firmware] [Firmware] Unable to downoad this firmware http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/3/?down
  69. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S player wifi 5.0 YP-G70
  70. [General] heeeeeeeeelp me
  71. [Firmware] heeeeeeeeelp me
  72. [Firmware] With 4.3 I have problem: Camera+Soft Keys+Signal. 4.0.1 problem: Camera+Fake IMEI+Sig
  73. [Firmware] Unable to download firmware
  74. [Firmware] User not logged in. Go to our forums to log in.
  75. [General] Recording calls with other source other than mic
  76. [General] Pls help, canīt connect with pc, just charging android 4.1.2 model Europe i9100
  77. [Firmware] Not able to download firmware S5830XWKAA
  78. [Firmware] Firmware 2.3.4
  79. [Firmware] Download ERROR !!
  80. [Firmware] EFS gone and no EMEI
  81. [General] A couple of questions regarding the S5
  82. [General] Can't Write to External SD Card - Kitkat
  83. [Firmware] Heeelp me please sgh-i727 at&t
  84. [Firmware] Risk when installing a firmware that doesn't match the phone model
  85. [General] Help me: shows only the "Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 " logo
  86. [General] Heating problem
  87. [Firmware] Automated firmware portal not updating?
  88. [General] GT-S5839i, not connecting to Kies, PC not seeing SD card
  89. [Firmware] pit file for i9295
  90. [Firmware] unable to download any firmware lModel: S4 Country: USAT-Mobil PDA: M919UVUAMDL
  91. [Firmware] My dear Meticulously Distinguished Moderator>>>>Help Needed urgently here
  92. [Firmware] intenal sdcard size 0 and imei gone
  93. [Firmware] KitKat release for SM-N9002
  94. [General] Problem With my Phone WiFi
  95. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S5 (900F) odin invalid ext4 image
  96. [General] Android prior to 4.3 stock music player
  97. [Firmware] please help mirror link firmware l9500XXUFNB7_I9500OLBFNB4_XSE.zip
  98. [Firmware] Can you recommend any 2.3.6 rom that contain Spanish?
  99. [Firmware] Note II GT-N7100
  100. [General] Drivers not working
  101. [Firmware] No Kit Kat for S4 mini Duos (i9192) ?
  102. [General] GT-i9192 Duos Problem with Cellular Network
  103. [Firmware] cannot download this file http/1.1 504 gateway timeout
  104. [Firmware] Does a stability update for GT-N7100 4.4 be coming around?
  105. [General] Downgrading my galaxy s4 i9500 from 4.4.2 to 4.3 will void knox warranty ?
  106. [Firmware] IMEI CERTI FAIL with N900W8, please HELP!!
  107. [Firmware] HELP! NEED ANSWERS! Upgrade firmware from 4.0.4 to 4.3
  108. [Firmware] cant download can you help me?
  109. [General] Memory Problems
  110. [Firmware] Any word Firmrware 4.4.3 for S4
  111. [Firmware] re-install firmware and then unlock gone
  112. [General] [Guide] How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 : mobilecrackers
  113. [General] [Guide] Backup & Restore EFS on Samsung Galaxy S5 : mobilecrackers
  114. [Firmware] what abut kitkat
  115. [Firmware] kitkat note 2 on mac
  116. [General] GT-I9505 is broken screen rotation
  117. [Firmware] Galaxy Note II kitkat 4.4.2 update.
  118. [General] How to Block Text Messages .....
  119. [Firmware] It's correct this firmware version?
  120. [Firmware] Sm-n9005 | pda n9005xxuena6
  121. [Firmware] Database Connection Failed!
  122. [Firmware] finding firmware version of rooted samsung S2 GT 19100
  123. [General] Due no kitkat update for s3 int gt-i9300 see this video
  124. [General] No Focus on camera
  125. [General] devices and partitions note2
  126. [General] Cyanogenmod for i9300
  127. [General] Please help me
  128. [Firmware] GT-S5830D Can't Reinstall Stock Firmware
  129. [Firmware] How to copy screenshots of my phone Samsung model # GT-N7100 firmware
  130. [Firmware] Update to 4.4.2 INDIAN ver from 4.3 Vietnamese ver
  131. [Firmware] Note II GT-N7100 Upgrade
  132. [General] Exchange services drain battery
  133. [General] Samsung GT-S5830 USB Device Not Recognized
  134. [Firmware] 4.2.2 upgrade
  135. [Firmware] I need arabic rom bada 2.0 for my samsung wave GT-S8500 any one can help me pls
  136. [Firmware] Sm-n900w8 telus- wrong file!
  137. [Firmware] 4.4.2 (ARO) For Claro Argentina
  138. [Firmware] help on my GALAXY S4 GT-I9505
  139. [General] Vodafone Wallet needed (APK) for Samsung Galaxy S5 (900F)
  140. [Firmware] No 4g
  141. [General] [GT-N8000] Updating to Jelly Bean
  142. [Firmware] GT-S7500T need firmware file to re instal on to phone.
  143. [General] Problems using certificate on WiFi Network
  144. [General] Samsung changing main-board to downgrade S4 (GT-i9500) from 4.4.2 to 4.3
  145. [Firmware] OTA upgrade who determines it?
  146. [Firmware] Error Kies, GT-I9505 "donīt support initialization" Help
  147. [Firmware] SM-P600 and OTA
  148. [Firmware] ~Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 bootloop :(
  149. [Firmware] Can't update - KnoxA images only / I9505OXXBMG2_KNOX
  150. [Firmware] no updates for s4
  151. [Firmware] n7000, installed wrong rom (galaxy s2 rom) and now phone stuck on blackscreen HELP!!!
  152. [General] rebooting !
  153. [Firmware] Change the serial number
  154. [General] Multipurpose Jack
  155. [General] unlock Samsung Galaxy s4 I9500 Kitkat
  156. [General] (how to) rewrite the s\n of galaxy s4 without backup
  157. [General] Problems sending videos on Instagram
  158. [General] Root & Update
  159. [Firmware] Issues updating SCH-I535 from 4.3 ML1 to 4.3 NC1 (also, please recommend a good ROM)
  160. [General] Locked to carrier, no "enter code" window
  161. [General] Hello- Newbie w/ wifi connectivity issues
  162. [General] Galaxy S3 (i9300) would not recognise other local networks
  163. [General] Wake up lag on s5
  164. [Firmware] Stock Firmware Differences
  165. [Firmware] Product Code Not Activated
  166. [Firmware] file not found
  167. [General] disable display sms in call log
  168. [Firmware] Require N7000 original N7000DDLSC - INU firmware link (should be working)
  169. [General] Help with GT-I9152P
  170. [Firmware] Change CSC
  171. [General] Can I flash a unbranded to a stock Malaysia firmware?
  172. [Firmware] Galaxy GT-I9195 S4 Mini(Black Edition) firmware request
  173. [Firmware] Where to find modem firmware
  174. [Firmware] Will not finish booting after firmware change
  175. [Firmware] Colombia firmware of galaxy s4
  176. [Firmware] knox fuse
  177. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900
  178. [Firmware] Strangest problem in the history of Samsung
  179. [General] S3 I9300 4g lte
  180. [General] Getting Error After Upgrade firmware 4.2.2
  181. [General] S5 What should I buy to use with the bands of Venezuela?
  182. [Firmware] SGH-I747m from cyanogenmod to factory settings
  183. [Firmware] [Q] Galaxy S4 very weird problem with tone
  184. [General] SAMSUNG GALAXY SII Unable to register on network but able to connect to internet.
  185. [General] Stuck in boot loop
  186. [Firmware] firmware not updating automatically
  187. [General] SG Grand 2 Auto Brightness Problem Help!
  188. [Firmware] question on debranding my s4
  189. [Firmware] Samsung Not Fair.:!!!
  190. [General] S2 i9100g usb not detect
  191. [Firmware] Will there be OTA update to 4.3 for my phone?
  192. [Firmware] Device Status showing 'custom' status
  193. [General] solution for not registered on network for galaxy s3 i9300
  194. [Firmware] Want to install samsung stock firmware s4 mini
  195. [Firmware] NA region question
  196. [Firmware] Wi-fi issue
  197. [General] Galaxy S4 Mini SIM lock
  198. [Firmware] SM N900K (Korean Version) latest official firmware
  199. [General] Confused. Really Confused.
  200. [Firmware] Bricked GS4 GT-I9506
  201. [General] Update issues
  202. [General] SamMobile App on my Galaxy Note is not displaying the correct info!
  203. [Firmware] Desperately need this Stock Firmware
  204. [General] Heating and battery issues
  205. [General] Thought I knew the answer to this, Galaxy S2 having problems connecting.
  206. [Firmware] I have an S planner issue
  207. [General] Galaxy Note 10.1 Not Charging
  208. [Firmware] How to reset Knox counter on I9500 ?
  209. [Firmware] Problem with network....
  210. [Firmware] Wanna Downgrade My Note 3 SM-9005
  211. [Firmware] strange screen after update
  212. [Firmware] gt-19505 Need Help stuck in download
  213. [Firmware] [I9300] How to downgrade from 4.3 to 4.1.2?
  214. [Firmware] Information About New Update For Galaxy S4 (i9500)
  215. [General] Making unknow notification tone
  216. [Firmware] [Request] Full firmwares (CSC, CSB, BOOTLOADER, etc.)
  217. [General] Finding own phone mumber on S4 LTE
  218. [General] galaxy s2 gti 9100
  219. [Firmware] Note 2 GT-N7100 Upgrade
  220. [Firmware] installing stock firmware
  221. [Firmware] i need download 4.3 osandroid to venezuela
  222. [Firmware] 2.3.4 to 4.1.2
  223. [General] stock rom for gt-i9001
  224. [General] Problem with instagram on gt-i8260l
  225. [General] Recurring fault repaired beyond 2 year warranty by Samsung?
  226. [Firmware] wave 2
  227. [General] Pattern problem
  228. [General] [IDEA]Uploading Firmwares to File Hosting which has Resumable Download Links
  229. [Firmware] Android 4.4.3
  230. [Firmware] S3 GT-I9300 Turkey Firmware
  231. [Firmware] Odin setup connection fail
  232. [General] Rom 4.4.2
  233. [Firmware] Unsuccesfull download for i337m firmware
  234. [General] how to change csc in s4(gt9500)...
  235. [Firmware] Note 3 SM-N9008V China Mobile - Google Play Store Error.
  236. [General] Am I going to be able to update from KIES?
  237. [General] Software Update
  238. [General] Moving Video
  239. [General] what is the easiest way to root GT-I9300 - Australia
  240. [Firmware] Kit Kat firm ware free downloads for Samsung galaxy note n7000
  241. [Firmware] 4.1.2 May update 8010
  242. [General] "There is no SU binary installed" error
  243. [Firmware] Think I need a pit to fix an almost total brick i9300 ... help
  244. [General] S-Health, Health Service and Galaxy S5
  245. [Firmware] S4 unbranding
  246. [Firmware] s4 i337
  247. [General] Samsung Note GT N8010
  248. [General] My Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 did not recognize NTFS SD card
  249. [Firmware] [S7275R][Galaxy ACE3 S7275R Official Fw ITA ?
  250. [General] Kitkat for S4 i9502