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  1. [Firmware] Firmware
  2. [Firmware] APD1 - Update in OTA
  3. [Firmware] S6 EDGE ARGENTINA (ARO) not registered on the network
  4. [General] Run Cygwin HOME_CSC with batch
  5. [Firmware] Firmware
  6. [Firmware] Sm-n920a at&t
  7. [Firmware] Flash German Vodafone S7 Edge
  8. PIT file
  9. [Firmware] Samsung S6 Edge Firmware issue
  10. [Firmware] Wrong CSC
  11. [Firmware] SM-N910F or SM-N910P
  12. [Firmware] Which version of ODIN do I need?
  13. [Firmware] G900h
  14. [General] Problem on Contacts SIMCard!
  15. [General] Why Shareit Not working
  16. [Firmware] Firmware for SM-G925F AUT
  17. [General] big problem with n910h
  18. [General] A310f frp lock
  19. [Firmware] Please help..........
  20. [General] No security patches samsung late updates vs iphone or nexus?
  21. [Firmware] G900F O2 (uk) CM13
  22. [Firmware] Can not install any Firmware on SM-G920F
  23. [General] S3 Neo I9301I kernel compile problem
  24. [Firmware] Japanese not available on ONE of the TWO devices I own!
  25. [Firmware] SM-G935F ITV pit file
  26. [Firmware] Galaxy 5 SM-900V
  27. [Firmware] firmware update S4 mini plus I9195I
  28. [General] From SM-G935FD TO SM-G935F: Uninstall "upday" or replace with flipboard!?
  29. [Firmware] Samsung A310F Galaxy A3 2016 LTE Repair Firmwares
  30. [General] Why the delay
  31. [General] [G935F] Can read files from SD, but can't write...
  32. [Firmware] Help please want pit file n9005 Gmsh
  33. [Firmware] Error mounting /data!. /data doesn't exist on G530BT
  34. [Firmware] Problem with Samsung Galaxy S4 - Help please
  35. [General] english firmware for galaxy core 4g mini?
  36. [Firmware] Newby to rooting - I9000
  37. [General] Flash another build on G530H?!
  38. [General] Galaxy S4 32 GB GT i9500 Lost sound and no SIM message
  39. [General] Games to play with spen
  40. [General] help...i have burn effect on my screen...
  41. [Firmware] How to Downgrade Verizon S7?
  42. [General] Traditional Chinese Language not available
  43. [Firmware] No Firmware for Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935W8 (Canadian)
  44. [Firmware] Setting crashes out in s5 after 6.01 update
  45. [Firmware] [S7 Edge] Safe to update to UK firmware?
  46. [Firmware] KitKat to Lollipop root and knox question
  47. [General] Call recorder for SM-NG910G model
  48. [Firmware] Product code XFE PDA G920FXXS3DPD5 need pit file
  49. [General] Camera MACRO mode
  50. [Firmware] UPDATE frimware
  51. [Firmware] Samsung S4 GT-I9505 CyanogenMod - NO SIM CARD
  52. [General] Yahoo Edge Panels & Feeds on UK S7 Edge
  53. [Firmware] Please help - How to force an update to 5.0.1
  54. [Firmware] Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 Marshmallow?
  55. [Firmware] How do i become tester for SM-G900R4
  56. [Firmware] yes yes yes mm update for Note 920I
  57. [Firmware] [N910C] Can I downgrade from 6.0.1 to 5.1.1? and what is the process?
  58. [Firmware] S7 Edge problem Gear VR after flash
  59. [General] Know the region or country of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
  60. [Firmware] Must I flash the original 'Carriers based firmware' if I no longer use the carrier
  61. [General] S3 Neo otg
  62. [Firmware] No update Firmware - G920i NZC - Change CSC code?
  63. [Firmware] Error SW REV. Check Fail Device 4. Binary 3
  64. [Firmware] 920W8 Odin problem
  65. [General] How to Backup & Restore Your Samsung GALAXY S7 ?
  66. [Firmware] SM-G935A - Latest Firmware with April update?
  67. [Firmware] Flash Australia Open firmware with XSA CSC
  68. [General] Wifi & Bluetooth Problem
  69. [Firmware] S7 Edge Multi-CSC Problem
  70. [Firmware] N9005 PIT 32gb
  71. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) firmware
  72. [Firmware] Any Update Coming For Grand 2
  73. [Firmware] Note 5 SM-N920i
  74. [Firmware] What firmware (BTU, DBT, ....) do you recommend?
  75. [General] Signed CWM Recovery
  76. [Firmware] pls i need a310x rom 4 files
  77. [General] Firmware
  78. [Firmware] S7 edge G9350 china to hongkong
  79. [General] Please help me in a phone battery
  80. [Firmware] Pit File
  81. [General] Problem adding Samsung account
  82. [Firmware] No Firmware for A510FD Indonesia
  83. [General] e:failed to mount /efs
  84. [General] Football Edge Panel for UK S7 Edge
  85. [Firmware] Can I try different country firmware to be able to get Android 6.01 Marshmallow?
  86. [Firmware] Which 6.0.1 firmware should I choose? And what about "UI stopped working"?
  87. [Firmware] Flashing firmware and backup
  88. [Firmware] unbrand but OTA ?
  89. [Firmware] need pit file for SM-N900P
  90. [Firmware] Sm-n900p to sm900t
  91. [Firmware] Need help!
  92. [Firmware] seriously Samsung - still no firmware updates since last year for Telstra Australia??
  93. [Firmware] I9515 uae white help mee
  94. [Firmware] Yellow triangle note 3 n900
  95. [Firmware] TouchWiz launcher on the Vulkan API
  96. [Firmware] Where is the MARSHMALLOW update for SM-N915S
  97. [General] Flash operator dependent firmwares ?
  98. [General] Problem with N910F?!
  99. [General] English TTS HD voice
  100. [General] Low sound of low battery notification
  101. [General] [SM-N910C] device does not have DRK please install drk first
  102. [Firmware] Where can I get unbranded firmware?
  103. [General] Should I go for Samsung galaxy S6 Edge?
  104. [General] Always on display
  105. [General] Help me!!!!!!!
  106. [Firmware] Got the update just now n9208 6.0.1 XME
  107. [General] Stock Firmware Europe N920C
  108. [Firmware] Android marshmallows for galaxy s5 g900fd
  109. [Firmware] Samsun Galaxy S6 edge
  110. [Firmware] Can I download firmware without deleting any files?
  111. [General] G900F - Service Mode *#0011# - Cannot open the main menu.
  112. [General] Samsung Galaxy A5 ( 2016) A510FD - Dual SIM - is this correct ?
  113. [Firmware] Upgrade with another firmware
  114. [Firmware] Firmware update Odin 3.10
  115. [General] Cant use my phone anymore, please help!!!
  116. [General] Need to find a USB charging cable that works with the Mega 6.3
  117. [General] ** How to access & edit external flash drive data on Mega 6.3 through OTG **
  118. [General] S4 mini GT i9195 stuck on S view mode
  119. [Firmware] Galaxy s5 firmware problem. insted CROATIA TELE2 TWO i have BALTIC (SEB)
  120. [Firmware] Android 6.0.1 on galaxy note 4 SM-N910F
  121. [Firmware] Grand Prime SM-G530FQ Lollipop Upgrade Attempt
  122. [General] Help me. how to fix "warranty void (0x0500)"
  123. [Firmware] Change of firmware.
  124. [General] fix no service g925i
  125. [General] Problems with recovering Samsung S5 Mini Duos
  126. [Firmware] Updating Firmware and stuck at NAND Write Start (S6 Edge)
  127. [General] Default movie player
  128. [Firmware] Best country ROM I've found
  129. [Firmware] No network bars/service after firmware upgrade.
  130. [Firmware] Help !!!
  131. [General] Unbrick / Debrick Hardbricked Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 Running 4.3 or 4.4.2
  132. [Firmware] Soft Brick of my S4 (I9505)
  133. [Firmware] Can I try different country firmware to be able to get Android 6.01 Marshmallow?
  134. [Firmware] G920v firmware change
  135. [Firmware] Kenya S7
  136. [Firmware] SM-N910F slow download
  137. [General] How to find the IMEI of a working or lost phone
  138. [Firmware] Galaxy S5 SM-G900F constantly rebooting after 6.0.1 update
  139. [Firmware] Fault after Marshmallow install - cannot fully charge battery and batt level dropping
  140. [Firmware] Question: Changing to Another Region Stock Rom
  141. [Firmware] Advice about changing PIT please
  142. [Firmware] firmware file corrupt?
  143. [Firmware] Galaxy S6 G920V freezes on screen "Installing System Update..."
  144. [General] word, excel pre-installed
  145. [Firmware] 6.0 flash fail
  146. [General] S7 edge dual sim connectivity issues
  147. [General] Revert from Android 6.0.1
  148. [Firmware] Install Different Carrier Firmware?
  149. [Firmware] Firmware S5 Mini ITV No Brand on S5 Mini Branded TIM
  150. [General] corrupted firmware sammobile
  151. [General] note 3 dual sim n9002 sim jacket
  152. [Firmware] Dont update andriod 6.0 marshmallow
  153. [Firmware] Want to use local Carriers stock ROM
  154. [Firmware] how to install 6.0.1
  155. [General] prblem after last update
  156. [General] S5 SM-G900P Android 6.0.1 - First impressions and Checking Device Status problem
  157. [Firmware] SM-G900F(XME) Marshmallow Update
  158. [Firmware] Need SM-G900F(XME) PIT FILE
  159. [Firmware] Note 4 n910c android 6.0.1 bugs (problems)
  160. [Firmware] How to get back my original csc code
  161. [General] Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Test
  162. [Firmware] Pit file for G900f
  163. [General] Bad call quality, region issue?
  164. [Firmware] SGH-I337m
  165. [Firmware] What Country's Firmware should I use?
  166. [General] Help! ! My galaxy note 4 s-lte korean version (sm-n916s) can't connect to 3g & lte
  167. [Firmware] How to return the unlock by fingerprint?
  168. [Firmware] Upgrading galaxy note 4 sm-n910:
  169. [General] keyboard
  170. [Firmware] Que Firmware debo descargar para Samsung Galaxy Core 2
  171. [Firmware] 6.0.1 Poland New Update?
  172. [Firmware] What's Firmware Best For SM-G900F, Marshmallow OR Lollipop??
  173. [Firmware] No firmware for XSG (United Arab Emirates)
  174. [Firmware] Control anther android
  175. [General] Camera distortion
  176. [General] G925F tryed in all mode for "Boot Loop" by Sw no Success
  177. [Firmware] EE WiFi calling
  178. [Firmware] Mmc write fail neo duos 16gb
  179. [General] Changing default keybord color
  180. [General] Screen Rotation only works when device encrypted
  181. [Firmware] Samsung S5 SM-G900A language
  182. [Firmware] firmware android 4 for SM-G906K
  183. [General] Update 6.0.1
  184. [General] My phone has previously unlocked. How can I get it re-locked?
  185. [Firmware] Note 4 N910C ((Reactivation Lock)) Problem !!!!
  186. [General] Transfer Contacts
  187. [General] Galaxy A5000
  188. [Firmware] Firmware SEB baltic
  189. [General] Galaxy S7 edge random screen touches issue
  190. [Firmware] SM-G900MD S5 Duos
  191. [General] New to Note 5. Can I flash this firmware to my N920I?? thanks
  192. [General] After latest update, touchscreen slightly unresponsive (Indonesian Galaxy A3)
  193. [Firmware] 4 files flash riper
  194. [Firmware] I cant find the latest firmware for my phone
  195. [Firmware] changing firmware
  196. [General] Not registred on network problem
  197. [Firmware] Sm-n920r6 bricked by frp lock! I have 2 of them, one that's not locked...
  198. [General] S3 Neo
  199. [Firmware] SM G92F XFV quick question
  200. [Firmware] downgrade to official android lollipop 5.0.1 to official 4.4.2 kitkat
  201. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S3 XXUGNA8
  202. [Firmware] Question about G800F Firmware
  203. [General] Facebook contact not sync with phone book
  204. [Firmware] I can't connect to the mobile network
  205. [Firmware] update or not update?
  206. [Firmware] Austria (A1) firmware to Hungary (XEH) firmware
  207. [Firmware] Need help to update firmware
  208. [Firmware] Samsung Firmware Noob question
  209. [General] Bricked Note II Problem Solved (eMMC Chip Issue)
  210. [Firmware] Marshmallow Fingerprint Unlocking Problem
  211. [General] Help!! Flashing stock mm
  212. [Firmware] does this frimware have hotspot?
  213. [Firmware] Galaxy S5 G900F
  214. [General] IMEI problem
  215. [Firmware] HK firmware can't use on *#06# and *#0*#
  216. [General] Slow Speeds
  217. [Firmware] Marshmello
  218. [Firmware] downgrade fail via odin ?
  219. [Firmware] Marshmallow Update for SM-900F
  220. [Firmware] S5 g900f uk
  221. Best firmware
  222. [Firmware] Claro PR (PCT) Marshmallow
  223. [Firmware] Battery issue after marshmallow update in samsung galaxy sg900f
  224. [Firmware] Speaker mic problem after marshmallow firmware update
  225. [Firmware] Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F
  226. [Firmware] S4 Verizon to Generic
  227. [Firmware] G928x live demo units
  228. [General] Vibrate/Sound with headphones
  229. [Firmware] Samsing galaxy s5 sm-900f on o2
  230. [Firmware] Xef-g920fxxu3dpdp
  231. [General] is it possible to downgrade from marshmallow to lollipop
  232. [Firmware] Google accounts on note 3
  233. [Firmware] Very fast baterry using on Android 6.0.1 ok Poland update
  234. [Firmware] Australian Galaxy S5 G900I Marshmallow update
  235. [General] S6 Edge only gsm band is working
  236. [Firmware] Sm-g925i mnx
  237. [General] Hard Bricked SCH-i545
  238. [Firmware] Red screen after using Odin?
  239. [Firmware] S5 Theme
  240. [General] [G935F] Wrong Auto Time Zone
  241. [General] Help with partitions
  242. [Firmware] Baseband version doesn't match any on Samsung site
  243. [General] Random Post
  244. [General] Camera problem
  245. [General] SM-916S - SK Telecom Version. How to change the Modem band using secret codes
  246. [Firmware] SM-G935P | Where to find Firmware and Pit Files
  247. [Firmware] SM-G925I IMEI status: NG
  248. [Firmware] UNBRANDED NOTE 3 (SM-N900) Lollipop
  249. [Firmware] SM-G900f Un Branded UK (BTU)
  250. [Firmware] IMEI NULL baseband issue G-925J scv31