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  1. [Firmware] Rom DN4 KitKat 4.4.4 for Note 2 with features Note 3 & Note4
  2. [Firmware] Help with n900w8
  3. [General] Guys please help me
  4. [Firmware] Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam need bangla stock firmware
  5. [General] S-Health Update for Gear Fit with Galaxy S4 Active
  6. [Firmware] I9505 Update, when we get Lollipop ??
  7. [Firmware] Full Firmware GT-S5380D
  8. [Firmware] Samsung galaxy S5 LOLIPOP ROOT - eny one pleas help
  9. [General] Samsung Galaxy S4 No signal in some places.
  10. [Firmware] S4 i9506 Firmware from Germany to Any LTE enabled firmware
  11. [Firmware] Need S5310M firmware please
  12. [Firmware] NEED HELP with Note 3 Vodafone Australia
  13. [General] samsung galaxy s3 shows out of service when my sim card is in
  14. [General] SM-G900V Verizon
  15. [General] WiFi Disconnecting constantly (fix)
  16. [General] regional lock HELP
  17. [General] Guides use galaxy note 2 for me
  18. [Firmware] Flashing
  19. [General] Samsung Galaxy s3 I9305 shuts down when using the camera, any idea that can be?
  20. [Firmware] Galaxy S5 Plus
  21. Cannot unzip S8530AELB1
  22. [Firmware] Firmware 4.2.2 for SM-C101 French
  23. [General] Modem on S5
  24. [General] WiFi not turning on. GT-I9500
  25. [Firmware] S Pen not recognized
  26. [Firmware] Sm-n900 firmware help please !!!!!!!!
  27. [General] Rogers Samsung note 2 I317M Unlockby cable
  28. [Firmware] network issue
  29. [Firmware] Flashing Stock Firmware of Different Region on N910C
  30. [General] Samsung Note 3 Downgrade from Android 5 to 4.4.4 or stock
  31. [General] Note Edge doesn't turn off screen while making call!
  32. [General] Camara de s4 trasera no funciona
  33. [Firmware] Lollipop
  34. [Firmware] Odin won't do factory reset after Cyanogenmod was put on
  35. [Firmware] Cannot switch on wifi and bluetooth
  36. [General] S5 mini G800F touchscreen stops working
  37. [General] Quick access to priority mode in Lollipop?
  38. [Firmware] Wrong firmwares on download
  39. [General] 3G not properly working on SM-N910C
  40. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop Help
  41. [General] Performance and battery life
  42. [Firmware] Help me to find B5510 Complete Firmware
  43. [Firmware] G900fxxu1bnl9_g900fvfg1bnl1_mob CORRUPT
  44. [Firmware] Galaxy S3 Neo duos (GT-I9300I) Firmware question
  45. [Firmware] Boot up time
  46. [Firmware] GT-I9500 Beta Lollipop
  47. [General] no service (sun) after i upgrade to 4.3 JB
  48. [General] Help!!!!!!
  49. [General] A5 Lollipop SM-500G Required
  50. [General] Does SM-910T (T-Mobile) work properly on South Korea's LTE bands?
  51. [General] Best call recorder for GALAXY S 3 mini & GALAXY S 5
  52. [General] data usage
  53. [General] How to Change IMEI I9195
  54. [Firmware] Firmware upgrade S5 Duos LTE
  55. [Firmware] Upgrade S5 Duos LTE
  56. [General] How to remove Sim-Lock
  57. [General] Rooting GT-I9305
  58. [Firmware] N9006 Chinese
  59. [Firmware] Pre - requisite for downgrade
  60. [Firmware] will android5 come for sm-g900h or not??
  61. [Firmware] Help With GT-i9192 Galaxy S4 mini Duos
  62. [General] Not able to hear to speak to callers on Samsung Galaxy S3
  63. [Firmware] SM-G900F Lollipop 5.0 ITALY VODAFONE isn't Italian
  64. [Firmware] Recover original firmware
  65. [General] Chinese CSC codes only need Australian
  66. [Firmware] Network and IMEI problem
  67. [Firmware] What means? 850 /F/FQ/M/L etc...
  68. [Firmware] Galaxy s5 Camera options
  69. [Firmware] Flash different Branding
  70. [Firmware] GT-N5120 Upgrade
  71. [Firmware] 5.0 Lollipop for Norway (SM-G900F)
  72. [Firmware] When New version 4.4.2 for N8000 Free for Spain ?
  73. [Firmware] SM-G900F 5.0 for Hutchison 3 Austria
  74. [General] i9500 S4 otherwise repair of imei s4(EFS)
  75. [General] solucion
  76. [General] Problem with battery drainage
  77. [General] Google search update causes voice command issues.
  78. [Firmware] NOTE II GT-N7100 Dummy!
  79. [Firmware] Lollipop rom O2U bad file on server ( G900FXXU1BNL9_G900FO2U1BNL2_O2U.zip )
  80. [General] Tool to reset the flash counter (For all Samsung devices)
  81. [Firmware] lolipop
  82. [Firmware] N900 firmware . Lollipop (OS 5.x) N900XXUEBNL8_5.0_OXA
  83. [General] Samsung Galaxy s5 lollipop G900F
  84. [General] Galaxy s5 smartlock trusted places disappeared from settings
  85. [General] Galaxy Note 4 variants
  86. [Firmware] firmware issues
  87. [Firmware] SM-P902 Note Pro 12.2" 3G Firmware
  88. [Firmware] "There is No PIT Partition" Thing
  89. [General] Signal problem (very low or nothing)
  90. [Firmware] I want to update my S5570 with a new version
  91. [Firmware] sm N900a uknown baseband and imei
  92. [General] 502 Bad gateway
  93. [Firmware] S5 Lollipop battery drain
  94. [Firmware] SM G900F Lollipop
  95. [Firmware] firmware download failing
  96. [Firmware] S5 Odin Fail Please Help
  97. [Firmware] which is
  98. [Firmware] sasha45
  99. [General] wifi and logo
  100. [Firmware] SM-N910F TPL polish the mobile firmware
  101. [General] S4 no LTE network anymore
  102. [Firmware] Please Release Galaxy S5 SIN android 5.0
  103. [Firmware] Cant find the original out of the box Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 4.4 Firmware
  104. [Firmware] SM-N9005 4G LTE 16GB, Cannot find odin files
  105. [General] S5 plus muerto no hace nada
  106. [Firmware] N9005 After Update IMEI NULL and BASEBAND UNKNOWN
  107. [General] Product Code ''GT2''xxxxxxxxx ??
  108. [Firmware] I9505 Firmware (GPE)
  109. [General] S3 not working after factory reset (horizontal black and white lines on power up)
  110. [General] how to identify Samsung galaxy note 3 neo N7505
  111. [General] F/S BlackBerry Classic 16GB Unlocked...$250
  112. [Firmware] Phoenix ROM or Lollipop ?
  113. [Firmware] Problems with 5.0 update on G900F Model
  114. [Firmware] firmware help.
  115. [Firmware] Question regarding firmware update
  116. [Firmware] Samsung GALAXY S III mini gt-8200
  117. [Firmware] Firmware not working
  118. [General] is this Stock Lollipop for i9500?
  119. [Firmware] SM-G900F - Firmware update failing at step "hidden.img.ext4" -> FAIL! (Size)
  120. [Firmware] 5.0.1 Official China Leaked
  121. [General] [Help Please!] SIM card issue
  122. [Firmware] Hello when i get the update for my s5 to Android 5.0?
  123. [Firmware] s5 uae
  124. [Firmware] i9003GSMH unable to find firmware plz help me
  125. [General] The SpongeBob Movie Ballet 422
  126. [Firmware] annoying problem
  127. [General] starting problem
  128. [Firmware] S5 odin fail
  129. [Firmware] Kit-Kat for N8000 / Nordic Countries
  130. [Firmware] firmewar samsung galaxy model SM-G130H
  131. [General] SM-N9005 Overheating problem.
  132. [Firmware] Update lollipop 5.0 sm-g900fd russia in a the UAE
  133. [General] Schematic / Service Manual
  134. [Firmware] Flashing stock rom
  135. [General] GT-N7100 Display not working after motherboard replacement
  136. [General] note 3 lolly pop upgrade confusion
  137. [Firmware] core prime not rooted
  138. [General] Does mobile stay unlocked
  139. [Firmware] Bug with heart rate sensor on lollipop
  140. [Firmware] n900t where is android 5.0
  141. [Firmware] G900f Odin ext4 Fail when downgrading to 4.4.2 from 5
  142. [Firmware] galaxy ace plus stock official rom for middle east
  143. [General] WIFI not working (SHV-E250S)
  144. [Firmware] Help need assistance with correct firmware
  145. [Firmware] arcive file corrupted for GT-I9505 galaxy s4
  146. [General] S4 i9506 max SD size
  147. [General] Galaxy S3 Problems with battery!!!
  148. [Firmware] Crashed
  149. [Firmware] Cˇdigo de Subconjunto (Bloqueo de Operador)
  150. [Firmware] S5 - update
  151. [General] Battery/Battery manager problem 4.4.2
  152. [General] How to root the Galaxy S III??
  153. [General] samsung gs5 wont conect via usb
  154. [General] Memory Problems after flashing Lollipop ROM... what can I do?
  155. [Firmware] firmware problem what to do pls help
  156. [General] Tap to Awake?
  157. [Firmware] IS Samsung provide android 5 to GT-N8000
  158. [General] Sound on/off button still not working good in 5.0
  159. [Firmware] Anyone know if/when theme support for TouchWiz will arrive for S5
  160. [Firmware] Will my App and internal sd wiped when I use Odin to Flash a stock ROM
  161. [Firmware] Which firmware should i download ?
  162. [Firmware] odin invalid ext4 image
  163. [General] Question plz...Samsung Cloud backup!!!
  164. [General] Problem with my S5 duo LTE can not start (only Samsung logo) then crashes.
  165. [General] I have a problem NO ONE seems to be able to fix...maybe you can?
  166. [General] G900H Lollipop Coming in Feb or March 2015
  167. [Firmware] Step by step how to install other country language on your device
  168. [General] null imei i9500 and unknown baseband version i9500xxugnh4
  169. [General] problema con la se˝al
  170. [General] Priority Mode missing in Android 5.0 UK
  171. [General] Note 4 N910F or N910C
  172. [General] How can i reset knox on n9005 to 0x0?
  173. [Firmware] S5 bough from Hong kong Need Help i live in the UK i really want a Uk based software
  174. [Firmware] S5 Lollipop Update HELP!
  175. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S5 g9008w - Chinese - could instal g900fd firmware?
  176. [Firmware] Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910X Help!! (STORE DEMO)
  177. [Firmware] How to roll back my KITKAT to Jelly Bean? please help me?
  178. [Firmware] Flash Galaxy S4 GT I9505 FW: I9505XXUGNK4 (4.4.2) to GPE (4.4.4)
  179. [General] MMC Write fail
  180. [Firmware] change firmware from chinese to indian
  181. [General] US cellular Galaxy S4
  182. [Firmware] Need firmware for gs3 SCH-R530 U.S.A/US Cellular
  183. [Firmware] Note3 refurbished N9005 Imei Null
  184. [Firmware] Newbie Help
  185. [Firmware] Problem with unkonw Firmware
  186. [Firmware] Grand Neo 9060 dual sim firmware
  187. [Firmware] SM-G900F United Arab Emirates (UAE) Lollipop Update???
  188. [Firmware] GT-I9505 Accidental wipe of everything(?)
  189. [General] The Secret Service Fifty Shades of Grey
  190. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S5 out in Estonia
  191. [Firmware] How I can upgrade the Galaxy S3 Neo GT-i9300i Firmware from 4.3 to 4.4.4 Kit ?
  192. [General] 4G LTE problem with Galaxy S5 model SM-G900M
  193. [Firmware] 5.0 (Lollipop) for SM-G900F
  194. [Firmware] no connect
  195. [Firmware] galaxy s5 update info
  196. [Firmware] Unable to Flash Custom ROM after continuously getting Samsung Logo
  197. [Firmware] Android 5.0 for Note 3 Neo
  198. [Firmware] [info]Update Lollipop
  199. [Firmware] Galaxy S5 Verizon SM-G900V 4.4.4 Kitkat MultiLing العربية - Franšais - Italiano ...
  200. [General] Please Help Me With Me Galaxy G900m
  201. [Firmware] Flashing LOLLIPOP Problem!!!
  202. [Firmware] S3 Neo (GT-i9300i GSMH) always stuck at downloading mode after kitkat update
  203. [Firmware] Can I install Android 5.0 Lollipop for my T-mobile N900T?
  204. [Firmware] Samsung Galaxy S4 Updated To The Android Lollipop 5.0 Is that true?
  205. [Firmware] Update firmware but not sure if correct one?
  206. [Firmware] Screw samsung, no update for s4 mİnİ
  207. [Firmware] Unrooted but still shows as custom...
  208. [Firmware] unable to load stock rom i9505
  209. [Firmware] G906K Version Update with European Firmware? Lolipop?
  210. [Firmware] sm-n915k alternative firmware
  211. [Firmware] Lollipop
  212. [Firmware] S4 Mini - La Fleur only?
  213. [Firmware] does galaxy grand prime will get lollipop update?.
  214. [Firmware] 4.4.2 Specific firmware
  215. [General] Update GT-I9195
  216. [Firmware] Sm-g901f
  217. [Firmware] S5360 firmware with problems
  218. [Firmware] unroot of a N910H failed
  219. [General] When will Samsung galaxy s4 mini Android 5.0 update?
  220. [General] Greenman, mobile cracker reply to me ,i need help
  221. [Firmware] SM-G900F Lollipop for Russia
  222. [Firmware] Lollipop for SM-G900F
  223. [Firmware] galaxy s 11 firmware
  224. [Firmware] SLOW DOWNLOAD SPEED PREMIUM MEMBER - Samsung A500F
  225. [Firmware] GT-i9500 user, but my country not listed to have firmware
  226. [Firmware] Carrier free Android 4.4.2 for i9500
  227. [Firmware] changing CSC
  228. [Firmware] need help getting the right firmware
  229. [Firmware] Galaxy Gran Neo Duos GT-I9063T Android 4.4 or 5.0 update!
  230. [General] Use your phone like desktop PC
  231. [General] Samsung S4 Magnetic Sensor not working
  232. [Firmware] can u helpe me with my samsung s2 plus?
  233. [General] Kitkat versus Samsung Galaxy Mega (5.8) GT-I9152 -EGYPT
  234. [Firmware] I9192xxubnb1 fw4.4.2(?)
  235. [Firmware] No network problem not same Imei
  236. [Firmware] G900F Lollipop Battery Notification
  237. [General] An easy way to accelerate and strengthen the processor and Ram for Samsung Android
  238. [General] An easy way to accelerate and strengthen the processor and Ram for Samsung Android
  239. [Firmware] i9506 - Android 4.4.2 Country: Sweden (Tre) PDA: I9506XXUCNI1
  240. [General] GT-i9515 imei problem
  241. [General] Action Memo Not Saving
  242. [General] Samsung galaxy keyboard won't switch languages
  243. [Firmware] Question before Upgrading N8000 from JB 4.1.2 to KitKat 4.4.X
  244. [Firmware] Firmware 4.4.2 for Orange Spain, model G900F doesn┤t appear in the list of firmwares
  245. [Firmware] SM-G900F S5 Lollipop
  246. [Firmware] Android 5 upgrade
  247. [Firmware] GT-I9500 Lollipop
  248. [Firmware] Will the BTU Lollipop firmware break my SM-G900I?
  249. [General] Soft Bricked GT-N8000 / Boot Loop
  250. [Firmware] Custom Roms