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  • toby65's Avatar
    15-06-2019, 06:57
    Hi everyone I have the SM-P580 (wifi galaxy tab with s-pen) but my sister bricked it about a month ago, I was able to load another version of the...
    27 replies | 1068 view(s)
  • outlaw204loc's Avatar
    17-06-2019, 23:54
    I have been having this issue for 2 years, and over several devices. I can not receive any updates. It began on my s8+, and continues on my s10+. I...
    15 replies | 675 view(s)
  • Gdefreitas's Avatar
    16-06-2019, 00:50
    Gdefreitas started a thread [Firmware] Software update problems. in Phones
    I have two s10+ devices. Both are from the same region on the same network. One receives software updates quickly after the release of an update, the...
    13 replies | 714 view(s)
  • cfieta's Avatar
    22-06-2019, 21:33
    cfieta started a thread [Firmware] Sm-g530f xeo in Phones
    Hi, I have been trying to download firmware for Samsung A8. I need XEO for Poland. I have downloaded from the below link but it turns out that...
    13 replies | 461 view(s)
  • arnast's Avatar
    23-06-2019, 23:11
    arnast started a thread [Firmware] download in Phones
    hi I'm have a free membership which from what i understand allows me to download firmware and i'm trying to DOWNLOAD SAMSUNG GALAXY S Ⅲ GT-I9305 OPS...
    8 replies | 500 view(s)
  • Trekker24689's Avatar
    01-07-2019, 22:28
    Trekker24689 started a thread [General] Note 9 in Phones
    HI I have just bought a Note 9 from Amazon (Different seller) and it says in the description its the UK version as i wanted that one. REceived it...
    13 replies | 315 view(s)
  • JONQ13's Avatar
    18-06-2019, 10:31
    JONQ13 started a thread [General] recuperation de donnees S6 SM-G920F in Phones
    bonjour, j 'ai un message sur mon galaxy s6 SM-G920F , (an error has occurred while updating the device software. use the emergency recovery...
    12 replies | 411 view(s)
  • jamestien's Avatar
    24-06-2019, 05:50
    Tried to download Firmware for my Galaxy S8, but the FAST download doesn't work, it keeps sending me to Premium payment page. This really make me...
    10 replies | 271 view(s)
  • realduckofdeath's Avatar
    17-06-2019, 18:32
    Hi, I bought a Galaxy Watch Active on eBay, from the UK. Unfortunately, it seems like the firmware doesn't contain any CSC alternatives for Irish...
    3 replies | 787 view(s)
  • Roobex's Avatar
    13-07-2019, 19:34
    Roobex started a thread [Firmware] Change of firmware in Phones
    Hello I'm from Bulgaria and I recently bought a phone from Korea. The firmware is Korean and I'm not allowed to some features and it has Korean...
    9 replies | 221 view(s)
  • ovidiuav's Avatar
    20-06-2019, 12:04
    ovidiuav started a thread [Firmware] Not getting updates on my S10+ in Phones
    Hi, I bought a second-hand S10+ about a month ago, it's a UK phone that I was told was purchased from Vodafone but it's unlocked. I am still on...
    8 replies | 325 view(s)
  • ansahmad's Avatar
    04-07-2019, 14:14
    ansahmad started a thread [Firmware] Need Firmware for NOTE 8 in Phones
    I have a Note 8, US Model. I am outside US, that's why i am unable to get any update. I am still running version 7.0... Please help me find out the...
    7 replies | 296 view(s)
  • sharooqueip's Avatar
    30-06-2019, 04:30
    sharooqueip started a thread [Firmware] My Phone is SM-A570F D/S in Phones
    Hi My Mobile is SM-A570F D/S UAE Version. Now i am Living in India And I cannot Use VOLTE Here . I Decided To Install indian Firmware. And I...
    8 replies | 257 view(s)
  • ResultCrown's Avatar
    22-06-2019, 18:17
    ResultCrown started a thread [General] Data loss after restart in Tablets
    Device is Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016) 4G LTE (SM-T285), running Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), without root. Device suddenly lost network coverage...
    5 replies | 419 view(s)
  • LDMax's Avatar
    17-06-2019, 07:38
    LDMax started a thread [General] How to Download in Phones
    I have found the firmware I need. However when I select it, SamMobile logs me out and asks me to "join". I cannot download even when I log in...
    5 replies | 292 view(s)
  • Tony Hunter's Avatar
    29-06-2019, 18:09
    Tony Hunter started a thread [Firmware] Stuck in download mode in Phones
    Hey there Odin got me stuck in download mode and now gives me this log: <ID:0/005> Added!! <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not...
    7 replies | 284 view(s)
  • Ria DH's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 17:10
    Ria DH started a thread [Firmware] no firmware in Phones
    hi guys i have s10 plus duos G975F but when i search on sammobile cant find my firmware TKD and witch firmwrae i can install
    7 replies | 238 view(s)
  • Tomdesanto's Avatar
    30-06-2019, 15:53
    Tomdesanto started a thread [Firmware] Samsung GALAXY TAB S5e in Tablets
    I can't find update firmware my device tab s5e region indonesia
    4 replies | 334 view(s)
  • byakuyamasters's Avatar
    15-06-2019, 22:38
    Hi, im new on this, i look thru Sammobile firm database and cant find the correct firm for my phone, i look over my baseband serial too, but i find a...
    6 replies | 250 view(s)
  • Meryemeke's Avatar
    21-06-2019, 13:04
    Hi All, Bought Samsung S8+ on site through their marketplace. Phone was sent from HK and I got it some weeks ago. I tried to update...
    6 replies | 235 view(s)
  • Nadbon15's Avatar
    29-06-2019, 02:41
    Nadbon15 started a thread [Firmware] Samsung A3 bootloop in Phones
    Hi, First, sorry for my english !! As it's said in the title my A3 is bootlooping except when it's plugged on the electricity. I do a "wipe data...
    6 replies | 221 view(s)
  • anukilimanoor's Avatar
    27-06-2019, 22:12
    anukilimanoor started a thread [Firmware] Samsung Note 9 Firmware Upgrade in Phones
    Hi, Today I bought a Note 9 Baseband N960FXXU2AR14, Service Provider VDI/VDI/VDI. I would like to install UK/Ireland version firmware into that....
    5 replies | 316 view(s)
  • Amiliana82's Avatar
    22-06-2019, 12:49
    Amiliana82 started a thread [General] I9295 no 3G and 4G in Phones
    Hello! I bought a used phone from Romania and since the beginning it have not been able to find 4G network Now since a week ago it will not use...
    6 replies | 200 view(s)
  • hasby fallian's Avatar
    11-07-2019, 11:39
    hasby fallian started a thread [Firmware] Firmware in Phones
    I need Firmware original SAMSUNG J2
    4 replies | 196 view(s)
  • Junior7928's Avatar
    03-07-2019, 16:23
    Junior7928 started a thread [Firmware] Firmware Galaxy SM-705M not found in Phones
    Hi, my name is Junior, I'm Brazilian. I Looking for the A (A10, A20, A30, A50 and A70) Brazil (ZTO) series Firmware, but i didi not find it on...
    6 replies | 159 view(s)
  • derekpiercey's Avatar
    06-07-2019, 16:07
    derekpiercey started a thread [Firmware] Galaxy Note 9 DS in Phones
    Hi, I am after some help please. I bought a Galaxy Note 9, and on the casing on the back it stated model number SM-N960F DS. I assumed this was the...
    5 replies | 177 view(s)
  • Georgeb455's Avatar
    05-07-2019, 16:11
    Georgeb455 started a thread [Firmware] Need firmware for Note 9 SM-N9600 in Phones
    Dear all, I would like to put some stock firmware on a Galaxy Note 9, but I just cant find anything. Its build number is NRD90M.N9600SQU1AQC9...
    6 replies | 167 view(s)
  • ub3rz4ch's Avatar
    19-06-2019, 03:18
    ub3rz4ch started a thread [Firmware] Where to find old firmware? in Phones
    I cant find old firmware for example I want to download android 8, not 9 but all I see is 9?
    4 replies | 364 view(s)
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