Welcome on our Application page.
We are proud to introduce our first Android Application! This application helps you to be up to date on the latest Samsung Mobile news and rumors, but also the latest updates.
Our Android application will be available in 2 versions: a FREE and PREMIUM version.
On the picture below you can see a comparison between the two versions.

How it works.


When you read the news page and click on an article you can slide to the left for videos or slide to the right for pictures.
Use the back touch button to get back to the MENU or use the menu button to bring up a navigation menu.


If you are a member of SamMobile you can enter our forums and discuss with your own member account.


The most people are following us via Twitter.
To help you out, we collect all our channels on the Twitter page. You don’t even need a Twitter account!


The most people are using us because we have the latest official firmwares.
Via this page you can view our latest uploaded firmwares, but if you’re a Premium app user you can slide to right to view the latest notifications of your choice.
You can add more models for notifications on the Settings page.


Via SamFit you can view the firmware you use at the moment.
Via latest you get the latest version available on Samsung KIES and via info you get additional information of the firmware you currently use. Such as countries and dates.
If you are by friends you can also put their firmware information in SamFit.
Product code is only needed when using the latest button.
This page is only viewable for premium app users.


Via notifications you can enter the models you want to get up to date. You can also specify the product code or any firmware field.
You also can choose if you want to have sound notification or not.
There is also a time checker to select how many times the app will check for updates.
You can select more models by typing example: GT-I9100,GT-I9100,GT-N7000
This option is only available for premium users.
Another things you can set by settings are automatic loading of pictures and thumbnails in the news posts.

We hope you are happy with our application.

If you have bugs please report it to us and we will solve them as soon as possible.
Do not hesitate to make requests of new features.

Greetings SamMobile TEAM.