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Samsung Pass

■ Samsung Pass helps you verify your identity easily and safely on your device using your biometric data.
(Find Samsung Pass in your device’s Settings > Lock screen and security > Samsung Pass.)

■ Easy and safe verification
Samsung Pass provides easier and safer sign-in and user verification by using biometrics, such as your fingerprint or iris.
You can quickly sign in to a website* using your biometric information without having to enter your ID and password.
(*Available in the Samsung Internet app.)

■ Safe biometric information
Biometric information is protected by Samsung Knox, so it won’t be leaked.

■ Main menus
– Samsung account: Check information about Samsung accounts synced with Samsung Pass.
– Web sign-in information: View a list of signed-in websites using your fingerprint information. Manage IDs and passwords saved for websites.
– Notice: Check important notices related to Samsung Pass.

★ The iris recognition feature is only supported on certain devices: Galaxy S8 and S8+.