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SAMSUNG FOCUS is a unified productivity application that enables Exchange ActiveSync (“EAS”) , IMAP and POP3 users to manage email, calendar, task, memo, and contacts easily in one place.
Users can have same experience on their mobile environment with Samsung Focus in order to increase their productivity in their work.

• Key Features
– Direct Push synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync.
– Add event or task from email.
– EAS, IMAP/POP3 protocol support.
– Easy to join Conference Call (Citrix GotoMeeting, Cisco Webex, ’16.08)
– Event Sync (Exchange 2010, S planner)
– Contact Sync (Exchange 2010, device contact)
– Related Items to make easy for managing history (based on same title)
– Global Address List (GAL)
– Unified Search(Email, Event, Memo, Task, Contact).
– Unread Badge
– Memo Sync (Exchange 2010 and higher, exclude S Memo)
– Tasks Sync(Recurrence Tasks, Reminder, Categories)

• Supported Servers
– Exchange Server 2003 SP2/SP3 and above
– Google, Naver (IMAP/POP3)
– Office 365
– Hotmail
– Other servers supported Exchange ActiveSync : IBM Notes Traveler, Groupwise, Kerio, Zimbra, Horde, IceWarp, Daemon etc.

• Available OS:
Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and above on Samsung mobile device

• Note:
Samsung Focus does not operate any cloud server. It connects only to the actual mail servers. It stores your account’s data on the device and Samsung Electronics® never access any user’s data at all.

• Support:
If you have a question or a special request, please leave a message over Samsung Members Application in your device or visit to