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Samsung Clock

Manage your time more efficiently with our Clock app. You only need one app to enjoy 4 features at the same time.
Simple & Easy! The Clock app has a simple layout that anyone can easily use.

■ If you have an important appointment, set an alarm for the next morning.
Anybody can set an alarm on the easy to use screen.

■ If you’re wondering what time it is in a city on the other side of the earth right now, tap World clock.
World clock shows both the time and weather in your selected city.

■ When every second counts, having too many buttons and a complicated layout can be annoying.
Stopwatch provides a simple screen where the user can check elapsed time in the simplest way.

■ Timer can help you count down time accurately for when you’re cooking or working out.

[Key features]
– Alarm
: Alarm offers several useful, specialised features for users.
: If you’re not an early riser, simply use the snooze button instead of setting multiple alarms to wake up.
: When the alarm goes off in the morning, it will also tell you the time out loud. Now, you don’t have to search for your phone to check the time.
: It supports a drag interaction so those who frequently use the repeat function can now select which days to repeat with one simple tap.
: If you don’t like getting startled by a loud alarm on a quiet morning, use the increasing volume function that gradually increases an alarm’s volume.

– World clock
: If you want to know a city’s location on the globe and what time it is over there, you can now find out on the globe in the world clock. You will find the time in your selected city under its name.
: If you want to quickly check the local time for a different country based on the city you selected, use the Time zone converter. Find the local time easily without having to do the calculations yourself.

– Stopwatch
: If you want to utilise recorded workout times somewhere else, use the copy lap time function. Tap and hold a spot the screen to copy your records.

– Timer
: Without entering a time on the keypad, simply scroll and set the settings to use the Timer.
: Save frequently used values for the timer in advance. Forget the inconvenience of having to set the times whenever you use the timer.
: After the timer goes off but you want to repeat the countdown, tap the Restart button. You can reuse the same value without entering a time separately.