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Samsung Call

Download Samsung’s Call app and experience beautiful and cool screens.

The Call app provides convenient features for configuring the incoming call/outgoing/in-call/call-ending screens.

Send Call stickers to the call screen
: Send stickers to the call screen of the person you are speaking to and have fun exchanging stickers with them.

Record calls
: Record calls in a simple way. You may also choose to auto-record calls if you want. Choose one of the selected numbers/unsaved numbers and auto-record relevant calls.  (Countries where the feature is available: Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam)

Accept calls on the pop-up call screen
: Accept calls on the pop-up call screen. Receive a call while using another application and multitask.

Reject call with a message
: When you reject a call, send out a message or a sticker to a caller.

Connect Bluetooth devices
: Connect a Bluetooth device during a call and have a conversation.

Mute the speakerphone/microphone