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Samsung 360 Photo Editor

Edit your 360 photos on your smartphone as you would your usual photos.
With Gear 360, you can enjoy, share, and enjoy new experiences that are more beautiful and more fun.
You can use the 360 Photo Editor to edit 360 photos taken by someone else.

Create your very own 360 photos easily and quickly using 360 Photo Editor.

[Key features]
□ Crop feature
– Crop a 360 photo as you would a usual photo.
– Provides rotate, cut, and lasso features.
□ Tone control and filter effects
– Adjust the tone of a 360 photo or apply effects to it.
– Apply the tone adjustments and effects that you used on the Photo Editor to an entire 360 image.
□ Changing bottom image
– Patch the bottom to make your 360 images prettier.
□ Editing people
– Detects the faces of people in a 360 photo and helps you edit them.
– Provides face hiding, face brightening, skin tone correction, and eye enlarging features and more.
□ Decoration feature
– Add another image, stickers, or simple labels to a 360 image.
– Draw freely over a 360 image.