Breathe the smart life into your Galaxy with the Good Lock.

Good Lock is the advanced Samsung SystemUI including LockScreen, StatusBar, Notifications, Recent Apps, etc.

Perform the following functions.

Widget on Lock Screen
You can place a widget that you frequently use. Hidden widgets list is appeared when you drag down the clock area on Lock Screen.

Apps Tray on Lock Screen
Easily run the application to use frequently. And, you can add/delete at any time.

Arrange the apps and widgets in which you make frequent use in the specific situation(location and time) in the Lock Screen. And you can set up useful functions which you need.

Keep Notification
Basically you can watch all notifications in ‘ALL’. Swipe right the notification to move in ‘KEEP’, if you want to watch details later.

Category for Notification
You can press and hold the notification, then you can arrange below functions : Set category, Block notification, Notify later. Category is shown up to 5 in ‘ALL’.

Recent Apps
Quickly see the list of recent apps has changed in simple list format. You can arrange the apps in which you make frequent use like Lock Screen. Also you can use the multi window function in each area. Tab to use multi window split mode from recents app list and long press the app icon with multi window badge to use popup window.