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If you want to go somewhere, where everything you can think of is in ample supply, Amazon is the place to go. The world’s largest online retailer provides customers from around the globe with about every product you can think of. That’s good news for everyone, right? Well, it gets better. On this page you get an Amazon coupon code, which gives you a 15 percent discount at your next order at Amazon. That can be just about anything. Because it’s hard to think of something Amazon does not offer. So take a moment to think about something you need. A new phone, tv or lawnmower. Or maybe a gift for a friend?

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There is literally no one who does not need something from Amazon, from time to time. So why not get it cheaper? By clicking on the button below, you receive a personal Amazon coupon code, which entitles you to 15 percent discount on you next order. And all you have to do is click. So why wait?

Buying at Amazon with discount

Like most online retailers, Amazon offers various discounts and coupons. Those enable customers to buy virtually everything with a favourable discount. For those willing to look, there’s a world of discounts and Amazon coupon codes to be found. And the great thing is, they often stack. A smart person knows his way with Amazon coupon codes and manages to get some amazing discounts.

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Discover amazing possibilities with Amazon

Amazon sells stuff. That’s about the most brief description of Amazon one can give. But also one that doesn’t do justice to the broad array of products and services that Amazon nowadays provides. It’s not just physical products they sell. The Amazon website offers an advanced review system, that rewards reliability and helpful reviews. Also the platform doesn’t shy away from publishing negative reviews, when those actually reflect the views of many of their customers. In this highly customer orientated approach, Amazon somewhat resembles another internet giant: Google. Which was the first search engine to apply clear distinction between sponsored content and relevant content. To the benefit of its users.

Speaking of search engines. Here’s another great feature of Amazon: you can actually search the contents of many books they offer. A unique deal with publishers allows Amazon users to search the contents of books bases on specific words or phrases.

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In recent years, Amazon expanded with many services, rather than products. In Amazon Prime Video, the company now offers video streaming, comparable to Netflix. Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s version of a Spotify kind of music stream service. There’s Amazon Local, which offers local daily discount deals. Comparable to the Amazon coupon code on this page. And then there’s Amazon Prime. Available in the United States only – although, under different names, in a limited number of other countries – it offers multiple Amazon services for a flat fee, based around free shipping on a specific range of products. It’s success is astonishing. In the United States alone there are close to a 100 million subscribers of the service. Not only is this a huge success for the service in itself. Above all, it highlights the success and broad appeal of the Amazon brand. Over a third of the U.S. adult population subscribes to Amazon Prime. Which other company has such a broad appeal?

Amazon: your local supermarket?

Believe it or not, but Amazon actually made the transition from online to the physical store. A transition that is usually made the other way around. Not that Amazon plans on leaving its online store idle, but is has expanded towards the realm of the physical store. As it has expanded throughout its relatively short existence. First, it went full circle by opening its own bookstores named Amazon Books. Later, it acquired Whole Foods for a dashing sum of about 14 billion dollars. Some wandered how this latest expansion of the already broad Amazon brand, fits the rest.

As usual, however, Amazon was thinking not one but two steps ahead. In the short run, it views Whole Foods as a convenient drop and collection point of online ordered products. Groceries from the store can – obviously – be ordered online and delivered at home. But none of that is the real reason Amazon acquired Whole Foods. In fact, it is much simpler. Amazon’s first and prime strategy is this: become unavoidable. Offer a broad range of daily needed products that simply can’t be matched. Don’t even bother going somewhere else. You’ll find everything in a single place. And since the modern consumer is both short on time as attention span, this is always a winning strategy.

Think about it. We offer you an Amazon coupon code. The sort you usually have to use in a very specific place or at a very specific store. That’s true here. But what if this one store offered everything? From products to services. From movies to music. From food to furniture. Then, giving away an Amazon coupon code is basically handing out free money.

History of Amazon

Originally founded as a bookstore, Amazon’s history dates back no further than 1994. In this year an ambitious entrepreneur named Jeff Bezos found the company. From the very beginning – or at least from 1995 onwards – the company utilised the internet as its de facto only sales channel. So why the bookstore? Well, a friend of Bezos ran a bookstore, which provided the company with easy access to books for wholesale prices. The central philosophy of Amazon has, or had, little to do with books. Instead, Bezos was convinced that online retail was the future. In his view, any sort of consumer product that was offered online, would be successful. Books were just the sort of product he could easily acquire in the early days of Amazon. Hence, the start of Amazon as an online bookstore.

Further down the road, the online philosophy that brought Amazon to life, was implemented with vigour. If a customer will buy anything online, why not offer everything online? It is still fundamental to Amazon. If you already own an efficient infrastructure to process, pack and deliver just about anything, why wouldn’t you offer just about anything? Books quickly became many other consumer products, though still modest in size. But not much later larger products, like electronics and furniture, followed. Software and services were not far behind.


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