From humble beginnings as a portal for firmware for Samsung smartphones and tablets to a popular source of exclusive news, inside info and other important scoops about all things Samsung, SamMobile has come a long way. We have managed to grow to a point that we wouldn’t have dreamed of a couple of years ago, with exclusive inside information (thanks to our awesome insiders), the latest news, and our huge Samsung firmware archive being the main reasons for why we are where we are at this point.

Here are a few facts about SamMobile’s readership and reach:

  • SamMobile sees 5,000 – 7,500 new registrations every day
  • Most of SamMobile’s readers come from the US, followed by India and Brazil
  • April 2015 brought us record unique visitors in a month: 6,448,094

With SamMobile 4.0, our goal hasn’t changed. Breaking exclusive information about Samsung’s upcoming devices is something we will continue to do in the future, in addition to offering our readers a look at newer versions of Android (and Tizen, hopefully, now that Samsung is putting a heavy focus on its own operating system) before Samsung rolls out official updates. You will also be to catch up on the latest news about the Korean manufacturer, and catch up with Samsung users in our forums.

However, SamMobile 4.0 isn’t completely done at this point, but with such a major redesign, we will unsurprisingly have our work cut out for us over the coming days. We will be constantly monitoring things, making fixes as issues are discovered, and will be completing the redesign for some sections that are left out (like the forum), in addition to fine tuning everything over the coming days to make sure our readers continue to have the greatest experience browsing through SamMobile.

In the end, we would like to thank our readers, our insiders, and everyone that has helped us in our journey as we look forward to the next chapter of SamMobile. You guys are the force that keeps us going, and we would love to hear your thoughts about SamMobile 4.0 and what you expect us to deliver, down in the comments section.

SamMobile is the largest Samsung community around. However, despite our position, we were not always leading in terms of website trends and evolutions. That’s why we thought it was the right time to give our design a complete overhaul. Thanks to our great designers, we managed to do this with SamMobile 4.0.

With our renewed website also come renewed goals. These coming years, we want to have more active focus on social media, multimedia (including our new YouTube Channel and Magazine) and our forums.

Through these innovations, we hope to give our 4 million registered users, and those that will join our community in the future, an extra boost to use even more.

Danny Dorresteijn – Founder SamMobile