Daily Deal: 7% off the Galaxy Tab A (2019)

The Galaxy Tab A is a basic tablet that’s being sold at a fair price. It’s perfect for when you use a tablet occasionally and don’t need a lot of power for gaming or video. It comes with an 8″ display that’s able to good colors and the dual speakers are able to produce spacious surround sound. The battery life is decent as well and will give you up to 13 hours of use on a full charge. This tablet also has a special Kids Mode which is very useful if you have kids that you want to play around with the tablet. You can now get this tablet discounted at 7% off which is just that little extra you want for this already reasonably priced tablet.

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  • S8 could get android 10 2.0 but samsung didn't give android if you didn't give android 10 at least don't give the camera update S8

  • I just ordered one 2gb/32gb/wifi model, I'll stick a 256gb Samsung micro sd card in it and it will be the perfect music/movie/web browsing thing for on the couch or when travelling :-)
    I also found some credible information that it will get Android 10 and One UI 2.0 a little earlier than the promised September window 😎