These are the improvements Samsung has made to the Galaxy Fold

Samsung delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold after some of the review units it handed out last month failed. The device was supposed to be released in the United States on April 26 and a week later in markets across Europe. That didn’t happen and the company still hasn’t confirmed a new release date.

It took back all of the review units and said that the display protection would be improved. A new report out of South Korea details the improvements that Samsung has made to its first foldable smartphone.

New report details Galaxy Fold improvements

According to the report, Samsung has tucked the protective layer on top of the display into the body. This will not allow the user to peel off the layer. The display on some review units had broken for precisely this reason. The users had removed the protective layer on top just because it looked like a screen protector. Samsung did say during its press briefings for the Galaxy Fold that this layer is not to be removed. It would be a good idea to tuck the layer into the body so that customers don’t try to pull on it absentmindedly.

There was also a small gap at the top and bottom parts of the hinge. Substances like dirt or lint could get in and lodge beneath the display, causing lasting damage. The report says that Samsung will reduce this gap to prevent foreign substances from getting in. We had also pointed out that the company needed to place warning statements prominently about the protective layer on the packaging itself. While that wasn’t the case on review units, the consumer units will have more warnings.

These improved units are now reportedly being tested with mobile carriers in South Korea. Samsung is expected to announce a new Galaxy Fold release date this month. The handset is said to arrive in June. Samsung mobile boss DJ Koh has also said that the company will confirm a new release date sooner rather than later.

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  • Doesn't look like they addressed the gap along the back sides of the hinge? Hmmm.

    • I'm also thinking that the reduced gap is not enough to stop small particles getting under the screen again.

      But then again, this is not an official Samsung report.

        • Yes, it would need to be sealed in with some kind of durable and flexible diaphragm like you see on moving parts of some machinery to keep dust out. Ah well, we'll see what they come up with.

  • Until they totally seal this device, there will always be the possibility of debris getting inside. That means unless you baby the hell out of this thing and avoid placing it in your pocket, there is a possibility of screen failure.

    • it was a real-world review, I'm glad these problems showed up before the release. can you imagine the PR headaches Samsung would face? customers returning a $2000 device. I say " getting the bugs out before release helped Samsung in the long run"

    • Wouldn't call it a flop until it is released.

      Samsung needs to move their product development and testing out of Korea. I suspect that their work culture is to not speak out otherwise they may lose their job.

      In a previous job, I was responsible for testing phones and the software on them... let me tell you, management, engineers and developers really despised me - and that is in Australia.

  • Samsung should make a Galaxy Fold Lite or something so those unable to afford it can still get their hands on it. 6GB RAM instead of 12GB, and 128GB storage instead of 512GB. It will be good for those wanting the folding screen mechanism but can't afford the Fold or are unwilling to spend that much money.

  • I don't mean to be negative so don't take this in a wrong way but I can't help but feel that it seems like they did virtually nothing to properly address any of the issues and people should still expect an incoming disaster atleast to a varying degree.

  • personal thinking is that they over engineered the functionality of the device and not gave it enough product testing in the real world. This was the case to hide the fragile design from the public?

    its very good that Samsung has taken time to go back and look at improving the phone but that said this first gen will be a limited distribution and early test bed for the future.

    I think the next iterations they will slim down on the excess that may not be needed like dual front cameras on the small screen as well as the main tablet screen.

    surprised why there is a gap on the hinge on the first place? the Huaiwei mate x doesn't have one