Breaking: Galaxy Fold release date will be announced soon, says CEO

April 26 had previously been confirmed as the Galaxy Fold release date. However, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone had to be delayed due to some issues. While the company recently reminded pre-order customers that they can cancel their orders if they so desire, Samsung mobile CEO DJ Koh has now said that the Galaxy Fold release date will be announced soon.

Samsung had to delay the launch after some review units suffered problems. It was due to user error in most cases. However, the issues did reveal that Samsung needed to do more in order to prevent foreign substances from lodging beneath the display. It appears to have addressed the issues.

Galaxy Fold release date will be confirmed soon

Samsung’s mobile boss DJ Koh confirmed to The Korea Herald that the company has reviewed the defect which had caused the problem and that it will reach a conclusion about the device’s launch today or tomorrow. This means that a confirmed release date should be announced in the very near future.

Koh was asked whether it would be possible for the company to launch the Galaxy Fold in the United States within May. While stopping short of providing an actual date, Koh said “We will not be too late.” This suggests that a May launch will indeed be possible.

The company has completed the internal inspection of the samples that had developed the issues. It has strengthened the durability of the exposed areas on the hinge and reduced the gap between the display and the bezel. This will prevent external substances from entering into the device and causing problems for the display.

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  • OMG yes although I can't afford one. I am so tired of seeing supposedly intelligent people say "the Fold is dead" and this from a former teacher. Maybe it's a good thing he's not teaching anymore. I'm biding my time to rub it in his face.

    • Yep... all of my Apple friends should be saying "thanks for pushing the boundaries of technology forward so we can all benefit". But instead they are gloating and saying "fold is dead".

    • True, people can be so negative. You make him eat his words!! 👍👍👍

  • Definitely, even though I'm a Note user, I'm looking forward to seeing the Fold relaunch. The technology has a bright future. Maybe one day soon Wacom will develop a flexible digitizer so an sPen can be used. If that happens I'll be a customer!

  • I m looking forward to see the fold in person. Though it will be a few generation before I will pick one up.

    Personally will be keeping the s10 until the 5g is widespread in UK and that the 5g phones are at a manageable size. No point upgrading to non 5g next

  • Let's hope they've fixed the screen issue this time around.
    I'll be holding off until they find a way to integrate the S pen, otherwise I have no use for it (same thing goes for any other phone or tablet without S Pen).

    • Yes, the Spen would be necessary for me too. Unfortunately that's not in Samsungs hands as it is Wacom who designed the Spen and underscreen digitizer. Until Wacom come up with a flexible digitizer, and that technology doesn't exist at the moment, we'll be waiting for sPen support. Hopefully they'll do it soon.

  • "It has strengthened the durability of the exposed areas on the hinge and reduced the gap between the display and the bezel."

    They fixed already produced units or what ? If they fixed already produced untis then this mean that everyone will have device after repair.