Samsung’s leather case for the Galaxy Fold may cost €100 in Europe

Despite the complaints from reviewers about display failures, the Galaxy Fold is all set to hit the market in select regions next week.  Priced close to $2000, it’s an expensive purchase and customers would probably want to protect it with a case. Samsung offers a free Kevlar case in the box, and that should be enough for many customers. The company will also sell a leather case separately, as we reported exclusively last month, for those who want something a bit more premium.

According to well-known leaker Roland Quandt, the leather case will be priced at €100 in Europe. We don’t know if that translates to a $100 price tag in the US, but the chances are high that it might. While it sounds expensive for a simple case, do remember that customers buying a $2000 phone are the target market here. Moreover, there will be plenty of cheaper and more creative third-party options to choose from once the device goes on sale.

The design of the leather case is similar to the Kevlar counterpart. It’s a two-piece design without any hinge or smart features. It comes in black and white color options. Other than how it looks and feels in hand, it offers no additional benefits over the free case in the box. Whether those gains are worth the €100 price tag is subjective.

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  • For the crazy price they should give the case for free!

    Samsung is taking a leaf from apple with over charging for their cases and accessories. Though I must admit I m using the leather case for the s10 but didn't pay the high prices