Here are some pictures we took with the Galaxy S10+’ cameras

The Galaxy S10+ has just won top marks in the DxOMark camera tests, so we decided to put up a few camera samples of our own that we took in San Francisco. We took these pictures with the rear cameras on the S10+ and have tried to capture each scene with the primary, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. We have also added a Super Slow-mo video and a regular video recorded at an NBA game.

Naturally, we can’t comment on the quality of the pictures at this point, since the camera software might not be final on the review devices Samsung has handed out to the media. We will also test the camera in a wider variety of situations, and you’ll have to wait for our full Galaxy S10 review for an actual verdict. We will add a couple of selfie samples here in the next few hours, but for now, check out the rear camera pictures and videos below.

The first one is a comparison of the same scene shot with the primary and telephoto lens, followed by a comparison between the primary and ultra-wide lenses. Just slide left for the telephoto/ultra-wide picture and right for the regular picture.


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    • There is nothing with hate, but some people is, so to much fanboys, that's a negative comment is hate🤣 not fair and in my opinion, very low to add that 😀no hate but the pictures is no better than any phone, like the design, but this is no better than other manufacturers 😀

    • I'm impressed with how bright it is. On the Note 9, Super Slow-Mo is a flickery, dark mess in all but super bright outside environments.

  • If the video wasn't taken without a gimbal or any other equipment to help stabilize, that's some excellent stabilization on the phone.

  • Selfie seems to be mirror image?
    Boat "San Francisco" zoom picture, I see jaggies on the front window battens. Not sure if this is just on my screen (Note 4) or if it is an artefact of the S10+. Certainly my own phone does something similar when in (default) HDR. It would be nice to see a similar scene with/without HDR in the full test.
    Thanks for the pictures!