Sprint Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie update rolling out now

With AT&T following through just three days ago, the Sprint Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie update is now rolling out. Multiple users have reported receiving the OTA update notification on their handsets. They will now be able to get the full One UI experience on their carrier-locked Galaxy Note 9.

US carriers have started releasing Android Pie for Samsung’s flagships over the past week. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have all released it for the Galaxy S9/S9+. AT&T was the first to release it for the Note 9 and Sprint is the second.

Sprint Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie update is out

Sprint is rolling out firmware version N960USQU1CSAA for the Galaxy Note 9 on its network. It comes with the January 2019 security patch. The update weighs under 1.9GB for those upgrading from Oreo. The download will be lighter for those who are already on the Pie beta.

Samsung’s latest custom skin for Android is the highlight of this update. Our One UI video demo highlights all of the cosmetic changes included in this update. All of the Android 9.0 Pie features are present in the update as well.

Those who are using an unlocked Galaxy Note 9 on Sprint will have to wait a bit longer. No unlocked Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 unit has received Pie in the United States so far. Given the track record that Samsung has with updates for unlocked models in the US, these customers will need to remain patient for the foreseeable future.

With the Sprint Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie update rolling out now, it’s not going to be long before other carriers follow suit. We’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

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  • Installed the Sprint Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie update today. Noticeably worse battery drain.

  • Besoin d'un conseil, j'ai un système android 8.1.0 sur mon Samsung Galaxy note 9 ( France Sfr )
    Mes je voulais faire un flash de android 9 pie d'un autre service, que Sfr

  • I put this firmware N960USQU1CSAA on Note 9 SM-N960U unlocked AT & T. First I had to download the Odin pached download from the XDA and then I went to the SM-N960U1 firmware. the correct version is N960U1UEU1ARH2. This way I got rid of AT & T bloatware. Note that the phone supports the switch from N960U to N960U1 because it is the same hardware. Then with original Odin downloaded from Sammobille I had to return to the SM-N960U. AM installed Oreo 8.1 last from AT & T. This is: N960USQU1ARL1. At this moment I have an unlocked SM-N960U AT & T phone without bloatware. With ADB or minimal ADB, I switched from version Oreo 8.1 N960USQU1ARL1 to Pie 9 N960USQU1CSAA using the sideload ADB option. This information is purely educational and does not make me responsible for any malfunctions that may affect your phone. For full safety, please wait update from Samsung via OTA.

  • One question for hardcore users.

    On 8.0 Oreo, my dolby atmos was always on (although there were little differences between off an on), and that is ok, but on 9.0 Pie, i have to turn dplby every now and than, when i remember to check it, and i cant figure out what is turning off dolby? It is not accident for sure, beacue iti is always and only dolby in quick panel… could it be Do not disturb mode, i use it veerryyy often, like 3x per day