Samsung just accidentally published the official Galaxy Note 9 intro video on YouTube!

Samsung was kind enough to list the Galaxy Watch on its website late last month, and now, Samsung New Zealand has put up a full-blown intro video for the Galaxy Note 9! It’s clearly an accidental release, as there is not even a proper name for the video on YouTube. But it’s our first official look for sure, revealing the phone and the new S Pen in excruciating detail.

Galaxy Note 9 can have up to 1TB of total storage

As expected, Samsung is focusing on the golden/yellow S Pen, which will accompany the blue version of the phone. The video also tells us that a 512GB Galaxy Note 9 exists, but what’s interesting is that the phone also supports up to 512GB microSD cards, so users could have up to 1 terabyte of total storage on the device. It was only earlier this year that the Galaxy S9 officially introduced support for 400GB cards, and storage is clearly an important part of Samsung’s marketing push for its newest flagship.

It remains to be seen if the 512GB model will have 8GB of RAM, though it probably isn’t the case. Also, there isn’t a mention of Bluetooth connectivity for the S Pen, with the video only showing us the stylus’ ability to write on the display even when the phone is locked. But we’re now only six days away from the Galaxy Note 9 announcement, so it won’t be long until everything is revealed.

Samsung probably isn’t going to be happy with whoever made the mistake of putting up the intro video. But don’t worry, we have managed to save a copy on our YouTube channel so that if Samsung wakes up and deletes it, we’ll still have access.

Update: Samsung has taken down the video, but we have added our own upload above so you can check it out.

Thanks, Stan M!

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  • Come on I am sure you at Sammobile have already seen and played on the note 9.

    And your hands on review is in progress ready for publication

  • Excellent. Well done you!! It's very nice. Btw, the 400gb cards work on S8 and Note8 too. It didn't arrive with S9 but possibly 400gb cards weren't available when the phones arrived. I have a 400gb SanDisk Micro SD card in my Note8 and it even worked fine in my wife's S7 Edge before she recently upgraded to S9 plus. Some mobile companies already claim up to 2 terabyte, easy to do when there are no 2tb Micro SD cards. Expandable storage shouldn't be limited by capacity and most modern flagship phones can probably take even more than 2tb.

    • Yes, that is why I said the Galaxy S9 officially introduced support, I knew people would point out that those cards already worked before. :P

  • All these "leaks" etc must come from Samsung to promote early interest. A massive company like that, if they wanted something kept a secret it would be

    • But it works the opposite way as well for a big company. So many partners, developers, and other folks who have the device. This one would seem like a deliberate leak since it's an official video, but pretty much impossible to control all leaks no matter how big a company may get.

  • I just noticed it's been removed from your YouTube channel. Did Samsung give you a kick in the ass and order it be removed?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Is it just me, or are all the articles of this leaked video missing a potential easter egg that Samsung threw in there?

    The microSD card that's being inserted into the phone is a Samsung branded 512gb microSD! That doesn't currently exist, in the market, right now. Only manufacturer that offers the 512gb microSD for sale is PNY. I'm crossing my fingers that it might be introduced with the Note9 AND be one of the pre-order gift options!

    I'd be ecstatic if that were the case!

    • SanDisk already has them, and high time Samsung does as well, given its focus on its chip business.