Galaxy A6 gets closer to a release on AT&T and Sprint in the United States

The Galaxy A6 has been in the works for a release in the United States for some time. Word initially got out that the handset would be launched by AT&T, but we were later able to exclusively confirm that Sprint will be launching the A6 as well. A precise release date or time frame for either carrier is still a mystery, but freshly received Wi-Fi certifications for the AT&T (SM-A600A) and Sprint Galaxy A6 (SM-A600P) models hint at an imminent arrival.

Galaxy A6 US launch imminent

Of course, Wi-Fi certifications don’t usually offer the correct estimate for how soon an upcoming phone would launch. But it does tell us that the wheels are in motion and the phone could be made official for the aforementioned US carriers soon. It remains to be seen which carrier will release it first, though it’s possible both will announce availability around the same time. The specs of the device aren’t expected to change compared to the global model.

What would be interesting to see is the pricing. Samsung doesn’t usually launch A series phones in the US, so there’s not a lot of history to go on as far as estimating the prices is concerned. The Galaxy A6 is a rather costly proposition (read our Galaxy A6 review here) for what it offers, so AT&T and Sprint would do well to offer the phone at a sensible price, especially to those who prefer buying their phones outright instead of opting for monthly plans.

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