PSA: Night Clock has moved to Always On Display settings with Oreo on the Galaxy S7 edge

Have you been wondering where the Night Clock feature has disappeared to after updating to Android 8.0 Oreo on your Galaxy S7 edge? Don’t worry, it’s still there, but it’s now a clock style for Always On Display and not a separate option. Samsung just hasn’t been clear enough that that’s the case, and according to one of its community forum moderators, Night Clock was removed with Oreo because users were “unhappy about the brightness of the clock during the night.”

Night Clock has graduated to Edge Clock

What the moderator failed to mention is that Night Clock is now just a clock style called Edge Clock for Always On Display (AOD). It’s a change Samsung made when the Galaxy S8 was launched, and it has now trickled down to the Galaxy S7 edge with the Oreo update. It makes sense, too, as AOD uses the ambient light sensor to adjust its brightness. Being a part of AOD, the clock’s color can be changed as well, and you can also have the clock enabled for more than the 18-hour limitation of Night Clock.

So where exactly would you find and enable Edge Clock on your Galaxy S7 edge after updating to Oreo? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the phone, then tap Lock screen and security.

Step 2: Here, first ensure you have Always On Display enabled. If it’s not, simply tap the toggle next to the Always On Display option to enable it (check out this post for a guide on how to customize AOD to your liking).

Step 3: Now, tap the Clock and FaceWidgets option.

Step 4: Tap Clock style to see the list of clock styles available.

Step 5: Here, swipe left in the dock that shows you the various clock types until you get to the end. The Edge Clock is the second to last option here; tap it to set it as the Always On Display clock style. Once you have enabled Edge Clock, you can customize its position and color.

For more on what changes Oreo brings to your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, check out our What’s New With Android 8.0 Oreo series of articles. Some of it is exclusive to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, but other stuff – such as the upgraded Samsung Keyboard – apply to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well.

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  • Dude, let them release the update here in India.Even you guys are trolling the sh** out of us.
    Sorry for the language!

  • But why did Samsung remove support for S View Cover for S7 Edge (the version with a small window on top)? I can't use my camera or quick call options or the notification bar (for toggling the sound and the flashlight) anymore. I only have FaceWidgets now, so it kinda defeats the whole purpose to use that cover anymore.

    • This is a known issue, there is a fix for it.
      1. Go to the settings and turn on NFC and pay
      2. Turn off your device
      3. Take your phone out of the cover
      4. Turn the device on
      5. Put the device in the cover
      6. Go to the settings and turn off NFC & pay
      7. Within the advanced menu, the option to automatically unlock your device should be there again. If it's there, it means your cover is working again ;-)

      • The cover works, it's just that the whole idea about it has been changed. Instead of quick shortcuts and the ability to read notifications, now I get a reduced lockscreen on the window, where I can only use FaceWidgets and see that I have some messages/notifications (I can't read anything about them like I used to be able to).

      • Search the youtube channel Mehdi's TechCircle and find his video with title "My thoughts about the official Oreo update for the S7 and S7 edge (Quick Review)". He's using the S View Cover on his S7 Edge in that video and explains the problem that I'm having as well with the same cover.
        I don't think we're allowed to post links here so I had to explain how you can find this video. Hope you can find it and watch it, also the problem is explained somewhere in the middle of the video.

  • now this night clock is not at all on the edge it was before. is on the flat part of the display.

  • Everyone still talking about using Oreo and it is not even going to be released for USA for more weeks. Getting sick of waiting for nothing to happen.

  • After a false alarm in April, followed by a multi-week tease, the Verizon Galaxy S7 Oreo update is ready. According to Verizon, the update should begin rolling out today.

    Verizon posted changelogs for the update today, which will arrive as software version G930VVRU4CRE5 for the Galaxy S7 and G935VVRU4CRE5 for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

    When it's about updates, US carriers are the last to push,even they are ready now, but S7 and S7 Edge users in GCC is still waiting for their luck, although it is rolled out a month ago in UK and followed by Korea and other European countries, is that Samsung Engineers in GCC don't care about their devices or testing the patience of their customers?!

  • The point about night clock was exactly what the name implies, to show different edge clock during night and than to switch back to front full screen aod clock. Now you can't set more than one schedule, ie you can't set different clocks during day and night. Why is that so hard to understand?

  • But like others have said, the night clock was on the very edge on the curve, the Edge clock isn't its on the screen facing upwards about 5mm from the start of the screen curve, usless now, after 10 years the WILL be my last Samsung phone, I'm sick to death with all the updates which actually remove features that people use and have done for years! Looks like they are following Apple and if that's the case I'm off!