Samsung may introduce its triple-camera system with the Galaxy S10

When it launched the Galaxy S9 earlier this year, Samsung said that it was no longer obsessed with being the first in the world to introduce new technologies to market. That’s probably why we have yet to see the company come out with a device that has an in-display fingerprint sensor or a triple-camera at the back, something that Chinese smartphone manufacturers have already done.

Samsung said that it made this decision to ensure that it can guarantee the best possible user experience with a new technology. So instead of being the first, it would much rather wait and perfect the technology before rolling it out. It appears that Samsung now has that level of confidence in its triple-camera system because a new report claims that the Galaxy S10 will feature three rear-facing cameras.

Galaxy S10 triple-camera system

Huawei captured the world’s attention with the P20 Pro recently. The handset has three cameras at the back to offer “master level” photography features to users. It features a 40-megapixel primary sensor coupled with an 8-megapixel secondary sensor as well as a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor. All three feature Optical Image Stabilization. They are larger scale sensors which means that the pixels are larger and thus capture more light which results in improved image quality.

KB Securities analyst Kim Dong-won predicts that the Galaxy S10 is also going to feature three rear-facing cameras in addition to a 3D sensor as Samsung seeks to pull out all the stops for its 10th anniversary flagship. The report doesn’t mention the technical specifications of this triple-camera system that the company is believed to have developed for the Galaxy S10.

With the next-generation iPhone X due in the second half of this year also expected to feature a triple-camera system, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Samsung did jump on this bandwagon. The camera is often one of the main factors that customers consider when they purchase a new smartphone and Samsung has so far done a good job of holding its own in the segment. With the industry now appearing to opt for triple-camera systems for flagship smartphones, it would be natural for Samsung to go in that direction as well.

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  • The best thing they could do is taking S9's camera and bumping it to 16 mega pixels with the same big pixels that they use in the 12MP. It would be the most balanced solution I think (and 16MP as the good old S5 <3)

      • Given that now there is no camera bump, a tiny bump would not bother me as I personally use a cover on my device. Between 16MP+bump and 12MP without bump I'd choose the 16MP :]

        • 16mp is the best quality for camera phone. If they can give this with the dual or triple camera then that would be amazing

  • Wide, tele, macro, monochrome, infrared, thermal... We need moar cameras! (facepalm)

  • All I want for S10 is a new design and in-display fingerprint. I don't worry about performance, cuz my S9+ working AMAZING so it can be only better.

  • Isn't this what I predicted? But I m worried that the 8gb ram triple camera will only be on the plus while the decent size S10 will only have dual camera and 6 GB ram.

    This will really p155 off customers

    • Why do you guys get pissed when Samsung employed a strategy which her competitors does too? Huawei didn't include 3 cams on the regular P20, Google will add notch on the P3 XL, Apple bumps up it's Plus series. Why get annoyed at Samsung?