Here are a few real-life images of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

The Burgundy Red version of the Galaxy S8 goes on sale in South Korea today, and it looks like some folks have already gotten their hands on the device. Ice Universe, a constant source of reliable information on Samsung devices, has shared pictures of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, with the pictures taken right after the phone was unboxed.

Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 in the flesh

In the flesh, the Burgundy Red treatment isn’t as striking as it is in Samsung’s promotional images, but the phone looks beautiful nonetheless. If anything, it makes us sad that red isn’t a color option that Samsung makes available at the very beginning of a flagship’s market launch. We can see a lot of takers for the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, even though it is coming at a time when the S8 is no longer the latest Samsung flagship and will also be succeeded by the Galaxy S9 in a few months.

That’s not to say the Galaxy S8 isn’t an excellent phone, and at its current prices, it’s a great purchase. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the Burgundy Red color, in addition to being exclusive to South Korea at the moment, doesn’t seem to be available for the Galaxy S8+, which is the handset we would recommend thanks to its bigger battery. But then again, there are plenty of consumers who prefer compact phones, and the Galaxy S8 is the best you can get in that department thanks to the fact that Samsung offers the same spec sheet across both models other than downsizing the battery on the non-Plus S8.

What you think of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 now that you have taken a look at real-life images of the phone?

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  • This colour is the PERFECT red! Not bright, the exact sort of red wine colour I wanted! Lol
    Praying it comes with the S9+ and if it DOES, I might not be able to hold out for the Note9

    • Yes, the Blue Coral version of the S8 is in fact the only one that shines a bit too bright, the other colors are nicely sober and beautiful. To think I was so excited about the blue S7 edge/Note 7 last year, but when I got the blue S8, the other colors started to look better to me.

      • I loved the dark blue and emerald green at the S6, too bad the S6 was not my cup of tea and those colors came very late in their lifetime.

  • Just beautiful ? the back front makes perfect contrast with the red back ? I would love to see a Note 8 with this color it would look even sicker with the back camera being black and fingerprint sensor.