Galaxy S9 back will reportedly ‘change a lot’

Rumors and reports about the Galaxy S9 continue to filter is as anticipation for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone grows. The latest suggests that the Galaxy S9 back is going to “change a lot.” That means Samsung might make some design changes to the rear panel of the Galaxy S9.

Just what can the company change? Perhaps it might finally remove the pain point for a lot of customers by repositioning the fingerprint sensor. The handset is also expected to feature a dual camera system at the back.

Galaxy S9

A China-based source who has been right on several occasions in the past reports that the Galaxy S9 back is going to change a lot. No further details have been provided at this point in time.

The same source recently claimed that the much-rumored optical fingerprint recognition technology won’t be ready for the Galaxy S9. The new flagship won’t have a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display.

The changes that can reasonably be expected include a dual camera system at the back. Samsung might reposition the fingerprint sensor as well so that users don’t have to play finger olympics just to reach it.

Do keep in mind that nothing is set in stone as yet. We’re going to hear many conflicting reports about the Galaxy S9 before the handset is made official. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S9 early next year.

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