Keep your color grudges aside when deciding what Galaxy S8 or S8+ color to go for

We published a poll yesterday asking our readers what Galaxy S8 or S8+ color option they have opted for, and following one of the comments on that poll, I thought I should point out a very important factor for anyone looking to pick either of Samsung’s new flagships in the coming days. This is advice particularly for lovers of the color black and haters of the color gold, as folks in both camps will find that this year, it’s not as simple as “black is good, gold is bad.”

Here at SamMobile, our staff has different preferences, and gold is perhaps the only color everyone ignores every time a new Samsung phone comes out. But with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the gold color variant is actually quite nice to look at, as Samsung is using subdued and subtler shades for each color. I’ve gone with the coral blue variant as I was dying to get a coral blue Note 7 last year, but every time I see the Maple Gold S8+ in the hands of one of my friends, I’ve actually wondered if I should have gone for the gold variant instead.

As for the Midnight Black version, it continues to look cool, but perhaps it might not be the only option for you as every Galaxy S8 and S8+ is all black at the front, so you’re still seeing black when you’re actually using your phone. Orchid Gray is also a great color option you should look at, as it’s dark and even looks like it changes shade depending on how the light hits it. It’s probably what I would have opted for had it not been for Samsung’s insistence to not make all color options available in every market.

I guess the basic gist here is: If you thought black was the best color for every phone, or gold is simply something you stay away from, you might want to reconsider. Before you make a decision, try going to a retail store and seeing the S8 or S8+ in all the color options available in your area/country. If that isn’t possible, check out the many reviews of the Galaxy S8 on YouTube. You might find yourself opting for a different color than the one you had in mind, and save yourself from second guessing your decision when you see someone with a Galaxy S8 in another shade out on the streets later on.

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  • obviously, color is a matter of personal preference, but what the article is overlooking, and more than that I feel that it distracts from the one very important thing about this year flagships, is that this time the black offers what any other Samsung phone could not offer until now, and maybe what every user interested in black until now wished, namely an entire black phone, with all the parts matching in terms of color, texture, light reflection, and so on, making it look like an unibody designed phone, something that in my opinion makes it more premium. I do like colors, and I too wished a coral blue Note7, and a green S6 before, but I would consider other colors only if, at least, the back, the front and the sides would look as would be made from the same material, although that would never offer the same unibody design as the black color, considering that the screen could be only shades of black… Going back to the article, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but at least for me, it seems like recommending colors against unibody design…

    • They have given all the frames and backs the same colour, they do look beautiful and if you can afford the S8s you can also afford the Clear View covers for them which complete the front "all black" look to be all - purple, Gold, Blue, silver. The S8s colours are beautiful, and in the Clear View covers they are easily as complete as the Midnight Black.

    • Black is boring and you don't even see the curved screen and glass, like you could with the S6edge, where the curved display looked awesome in the gold version, when turned off. Much better than with the S8, where you only see a black device and nothing more.
      You dont even clearly see how small the bezels are unless it gets turned on.

      And i doubt that the front would look to busy because of the sensors, in other colours than black you would see the small bezels clearly and the curved display aswell.

    • Ah, yes, you're right on that front, it IS the first time it's all black, like it should be. I guess I got so bored of going with black all these years that these new colors just got to me, in addition to the fact that the front is always gonna be black and make the display look more beautiful, haha.

  • I've had the Gold Note 5 and Gold S7 Edge, both beautiful! However I will change for Note8, black or orchid grey if available.

  • If we Need to Buy Something at first we need to see it's price range , for wealthy people it's just a piece of tech but coming all the way down even if we like the smartphone we need to be able to buy it , everyday I come here to Sammobile to look at the s8 that some day I might buy one but considering the Financial Crisis I restrain myself ! I'm using a Note 2 from the good old days and it has a broken screen too !

  • It's all well and good having to decide what colour to choose but here in the UK we get a choice of black or grey and that it so not really much of a choice, I just don't see the point in making and showing different colour options if they then don't make them available worldwide

  • Black is for colorblind, true color sense people will choose orchid gray, gold, blue