Samsung may stop making flat Galaxy S handsets in the future

Samsung shook up its Galaxy S series with the Galaxy S6 last year as it introduced two models of the same flagship, one with a flat display and the other with a dual-edge curved display. Even Samsung wasn’t expecting that the latter would prove to be more popular even though it was priced higher so the company lost out on sales as it tried to get yields up to match demand. It was better prepared this time around with the Galaxy S7 edge and sure enough, the curved flagship proved to be the more popular model this year as well. Now that production yields for the curved display have stabilized Samsung has hinted that it may stop making flat Galaxy S flagships in the future.

“Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone lineup,” said the company’s mobile chief Dong-jin Koh, while pointing out that this also depends on Samsung being able to provide customers with differentiated user experiences through features and software for the curved display. He hasn’t said outright that the flat model will get the axe but it’s evident that the company is opening to ditching it if it makes sense. One might even say that Samsung is testing the waters with the Galaxy Note 7 which has a dual-edge curved display. If market response is largely positive perhaps it might go down this road with the Galaxy S8 next year but this is just pure speculation at this point.


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8 months 16 days ago

I want my phone like I want my stomach… flat. But it seems neither will happen, so here’s hoping that they at least provide a smaller (around 5-inch) version. Some of us still like our phones to fit into our pockets easily. Also… make it a bit thicker, so there’s no camera bump.

8 months 17 days ago

And i may switch to other manufacturer, despite I love their products and even Touchwiz. I hate curved screen so much as I bought the regular S7, even if the Edge variant have a bigger display and battery but an Edge is a big NO-NO to me! Really sad about these news!

8 months 17 days ago

The edge is a stupid gimmick. It will lead me to look for alternatives if I can’t buy a non-retarded flat phone from Samsung by the time I need to replace my S6.

8 months 17 days ago

I was exactly saying the same last week when note 7 came out officialy

8 months 18 days ago

Reduce camera size, Dual Edge + Dual Side Screen.

8 months 18 days ago

I don’t mind as long as they keep a 5 inch screen option for the pocket friendly size.

The note 7 looks cool with the less pronounced curved edges. Though the s8 should be due a design factor change. My preference would be ditch the glass back and replace with metal or carbon fibre. Also improve the build strength as the s6&7 are not great survivor for minor drops

8 months 18 days ago

No no no no no! I don’t want curved displays! I want flat!

8 months 17 days ago

Yeah, I prefer having a traditional flat display too. As screen protectors will fit better with those than curve displays.

8 months 18 days ago

A subtle curve on every high end Samsung smartphone would be great, hides the bezels and makes the phone narrower.