Samsung will not release 3D TVs in 2016

3D was the next big thing in the television industry a few years ago, and 3D TV became a whole new category. Now, 3D is just another feature with major brands including Samsung and Vizio pulling their 3D TVs out of the market.

An anonymous source at Samsung has mentioned that the TVs released by the company in 2016 will not even support 3D. Some 2015 models from the company will still support 3D, and so will some models from Sony and LG. The company is moving towards virtual reality with its Gear VR headset and 360-degree camera, the Gear 360.

Samsung has focussed on releasing more 4K SUHD TVs with HDR capabilities in 2016, and the company is expected to bring second-generation Quantum Dot displays that will offer even better picture quality.

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What, what a flop 3D TV was… Some might argue it’s a chicken-and-egg issue with not enough 3D content, but I think the technology just doesn’t fit common use cases. Having to wear special glasses and sit as close to the center line viewing angle is just not practical for many viewing scenarios. Although I’m not really a fan of 3D movies in theaters, it makes more sense there since going to a theater inherently a more immersive experience. Maybe things will change one day and 3D TV will be pervasive, but I think something will need to change first… Read more »