Samsung to add ads to its Internet-connected TVs in Europe

Samsung released a lot of smart TVs in past few years, and almost all recently released TVs are smart ones. Most of the smart TVs released in the US by the South Korean TV giant are based on the open source Tizen platform. It is now being reported that the company has started showing more ads on its premium TVs in a bid to increase revenue.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung added new tile advertisements to the main menu bar of its premium Internet-connected TVs last year in the US to generate more revenue from its “struggling” TV business. Now, the company is also planning to expand the same ad program to Europe in the coming months.

Samsung is the biggest TV maker in the world, and it was recently awarded as the best TV brand in the UK. However, if the company starts showing ads in its premium TVs, it would certainly annoy a lot of users who have invested a good chunk of their money for a premium video experience. What do you think about it?

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