Samsung and LG fighting it out regarding 4K standards

Global TV giants Samsung and LG are locking their horns once again, this time regarding 4K standards. These South Korean electronic giants are busy in disregarding each others display technologies as the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) has changed its policy to require labeling a separate contrast modulation in TV definitions.

ICDM, a committee which establishes display standards, has decided to require marking contrast modulation in display quality definitions. The decision is designed to reveal accurate contrast readings as well as number of lines, which will give consumers a better idea of how accurately a display can reproduce original images.

Samsung has been claiming that RGBW technology in LG’s OLED TVs cannot be considered as true 4K UHD compliant as the use of white color subpixels results in only 60 percent of contrast modulation while RGB displays have an average contrast modulation of 95 percent. On the other hand, LG claims that the latest ICDM decision recognizes RGBW as true 4K UHD standards compliant.

LG said, “Claims that RGBW technology is not 4K by some people were not taken. With the decision of the ICDM, it is internationally recognized as 4K, ending the controversy.” Although ICDM does not enforce brands to follow their guidelines, brands generally adopt their rules.

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