Samsung to produce 17.2 million units of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in three months

According to a report out of Korean media, Samsung is gearing up to produce a total of 17.2 million units of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge (combined) by April. This is quite a significant number for the three month period (Feb, March, April) and higher than last year’s production volumes, when the company only produced 15.2 million units during the first three months of its availability.

Things are a little different this time around as Samsung is said to be producing about 9.9 million units of the Galaxy S7 and 7.3 million units of the Galaxy S7 edge in a 6:4 ratio, which is in stark contrast to last year’s 4:1 ratio. This indicates that Samsung expects a higher level of demand for the Galaxy S7 edge, which is logical considering the popularity of the Galaxy S6 edge last year. Naturally, Samsung is hopeful that the new Galaxy S7 duo will perform better than their predecessors, which may very well be the case.

Here’s what the Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh had to say – “Although I cannot give you detailed numerical values, it seems that Galaxy S7 will have better results than Galaxy S6. All of our customers and partners are expecting a lot from Galaxy S7.”

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